Today was weird.  I was at a meeting with a mix of law enforcement types, local and fed, and then Financial services security people from credit companies and banks of all types.  The keynote speaker was a fed type,  but the meeting was led by a representative of a  private (not government) funded nonprofit. At the start of the meeting we were asked to stand for the pledge of allegiance which was unusual enough for me.  But before we recited the pledge, while we standing, he asked us to bow our heads and then led a prayer during which he asked his deity to bless the meeting.  I have been in this industry for sometime, and I was shocked.  I have never seen such a thing.  Is this becoming a normal part of corporate meetings?

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Did you bow your head and act the part?

I'll usually just mind my own business and be quiet, but I won't bow my head, close my eyes or clasp my hands, sometimes I won't even stand if asked and on a few occasions I've gotten up and left the room.

I've gotten some nasty looks and the occasional snide remark, but for the most part people just leave me alone. But it's never happened in an "at work" situation with me. But if it did, I'd do what I always do.

I just quietly stood there.  I was so unprepared for it that's all about I could do. The whole thing was odd.
Reminds me of 1940's Fascism, with the mix of government/nationalist, banking/corporatist, and religious elements.
Anyone thinking we don't live in a fascist state hasn't been reading enough.

Well, fascism might be alive and well, but this was not an example of that.  Prevention of forgery and money laundering is in the best interest if all of us, and sharing information between the groups just makes sense.  You really cant stop these style of financial crimes in an area like mine any other way.


My comment was more along the lines of "a prayer before a meeting with a non religious bent, creeping near the separation of church and state... " ain't that some sh#$%$t.

Number 8 of the "14 points of fascism."  8. Religion and ruling elite tied together

Unlike communist regimes, the fascist and protofascist regimes were never proclaimed as godless by their opponents. In fact, most of the regimes attached themselves to the predominant religion of the country and chose to portray themselves as militant defenders of that religion. The fact that the ruling elite’s behavior was incompatible with the precepts of the religion was generally swept under the rug. Propaganda kept up the illusion that the ruling elites were defenders of the faith and opponents of the “godless.” A perception was manufactured that opposing the power elite was tantamount to an attack on religion.


9. Power of corporations protected

Although the personal life of ordinary citizens was under strict control, the ability of large corporations to operate in relative freedom was not compromised. The ruling elite saw the corporate structure as a way to not only ensure military production (in developed states), but also as an additional means of social control. Members of the economic elite were often pampered by the political elite to ensure a continued mutuality of interests, especially in the repression of “have-not” citizens.

This was my thought.  I brought up the environment and the attendees to show this was no mom and pop type of deal.   I once worked for a company that used a 3rd party service that would not answer their phones for 15 minutes during their daily prayer (no shit), but this was a 10 person shop.  In little places like this, I don't like it, but i can see that it happens.  However, in a large biz setting like this, shocker.

I am still surprised that intelligent people never consider that there may be someone present that is different than them. I think i experienced some of the same shock at my nephew's football game. The whole stadium prayed, and if it weren't for my hat, i would've had trouble concealing my laughter.

I think that many people dont ever think that other people that think differently are near them.  Everyone knows there are muslims, jews, atheist etc, but they just dont think they are around. And of course those who do think about it just dont care, as it is easy to assign people to the "other" category.




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