Does anyone know of a website that lists companies who either openly or covertly proselytize? I've surfed the net, but came up with nothing. Apparently, IN-N-OUT Burger is one of those companies who push their religion on it's customers, by placing references to bible quotes on it's products. Check out this pic of the bottom of one of their cups:

I don't patronize IN-N-OUT Burger, only because there isn't one close to where I live. But, I will decidedly avoid them now after seeing this. CREEPY!!!

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Wow. I dont eat fast food (escept for maybe a subway) but I'll make sure to avoid them. Little tips like this make me happy I joined atheistnexus! Isnt that illegal?
It is most likely not illegal. Private companies can pretty much do as they please. If a company was owned by or contracted with the U.S. government, that would be a different story. Just like the so-called "jesus rifles". That's where a company contracted with the government to make rifle scopes, but etched bible verse references on the scopes. Luckily, a sharp-eyed soldier spotted the references and the company got their butt handed to them in a very public way.

Still, it would be nice to know which companies were pulling this kind of crap so that I can avoid doing business with them. I hate proselytizing!!!!
In my search to find out I found this: Apparently some stupid people got upset over a message that was said to be 'anti-God.' Its actually not. They also got upset because one other message was said to be 'promoting homosexuality.' But at least the Bible quotes are printed on soon-to-be trash. Deeper metaphor? I hope so. Snopes says that Alaska Airlines places a Bible scripture card on every tray (because the world needs more little pieces of paper accumulating in the planet?). Lets just hope Esther and Harry Snyder quickly 'pass away' so this nonsense can stop.
Thank you Olga. Your response was very helpful. I took Alaska Airlines to Seattle a couple of years ago, but don't remember seeing any scripture cards. Over the years, I've heard rumors about What-A-Burger and Little Caesars pizza. I will continue to do more research. :)
I love Starbucks! even more after reading the article in that link. :)
Business that privately own can advertise any way they want. People have the right to not shop there if they don't want to. Me I don't care I'd probably eat there if the burgers are good.
That's a bit eww. I've never been, not sure I ever will, even though they're around now. I don't know that I would expressly avoid them, but certainly I wish they just... wouldn't.

I went to a gas station once playing a religious sermon. That was certainly worth bitching over. Low class and thoughtless.
Hi Jezzy...I just saw that you had posted a similar question on this topic, about a month earlier. Sorry that I didn't find it when I searched the archives, before posting my question. Oops, my bad.

Anyway, I did some more research and found the following link.

It's just one of many I found on the web. I thought some of us here might be interested in knowing that there are many lists of christian companies out there who actively get together and work to push their religion. Again, if given the choice, I'll spend my money elsewhere and not contribute to their cause.
Oh, no probs. :) Good to know about In-N-Out, really.
I've long known about it. I don't particularly care because I enjoy their cheeseburgers and animal fries too much.
I had a burger at an IN-N-OUT in San Diego about seven years ago. I didn't think they were any better or worse than other burger establishments. I wasn't impressed. So, I can definitely live without them. I didn't notice it there were bible verse references back then. Of course, I wasn't as aware of the whole proselytizing thing as I am now.
InNOut, Whataburger, and Sonic are the only burgers I'll eat that are fast food.

InNOut was originally started to fund a church, so it has always had its religious influences. However, they are primarily about consumerism now, same as any other company. The only evidence of the religious is if you look at the bottom of the cup in the rim, it'll say John 3:16.




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