Does anyone know of a website that lists companies who either openly or covertly proselytize? I've surfed the net, but came up with nothing. Apparently, IN-N-OUT Burger is one of those companies who push their religion on it's customers, by placing references to bible quotes on it's products. Check out this pic of the bottom of one of their cups:

I don't patronize IN-N-OUT Burger, only because there isn't one close to where I live. But, I will decidedly avoid them now after seeing this. CREEPY!!!

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don't boycott all of Sonic because of that. The computer program they use allows each individual store manager to set the message printed on the receipt. At the store I worked at in college we changed it about every other day without the head manager knowing...never put anything too bad, but lots of sexual innuendo . mostly just to see if anyone noticed it...they never did
I think I'll make a separate lists for those kinds of businesses who are potentially or "independently creepy". :)
I do not believe it is a corporate thing. We have two Sonics in our city and only one of them practices this policy. Unless you live in South Louisiana you shouldn't have a problem.
There's a church kind of like that out where I live. It's on highway 46 somewhere between San Antonio and San Marcos and whenever church lets out, there are officers directing traffic to let them in and out.
There's a bike shop where I live with all kinds of anti-abortion signs and propoganda. Let them keep it up. We know who to avoid.

The only thing that annoyed me about Sonic was they had an ad that said "fight global warming" and had a picture of all their drinks...I thought that was so tacky.
Yes, I once saw a big rig with "Jesus Christ is not a swear word!" written across one side of the trailer. I thought it would be funny if another big rig could follow behind it with "Yes it is!" written on it. It would have to keep up with the first truck, or else it wouldn't make much sense. LOL
might not be the company though. Many trucking companies have privately owned rigs. So in some cases it may be the owner/drivers choice
The only good thing about IN-N-OUT Burger is that back when you could get their bumper stickers you could clip a few letters and have the funny (albeit juvenile) slogan "IN-N-OUT urge" pasted to your (or an unsuspecting compadre's) car. :-D

Personally I don't care for their food or their lack of choice in what they do serve, so that's why I don't eat there. Could care less what they stamp on the bottom of cups as one would have to be really bored to even notice anyway and it's not like they're managing to subliminally convert people or something.
Come to think of it, IN-N-OUT is a pretty bad name for a food place. Kinda like gulp-n-blow. Just makes you think of how fast the food is going to go through you. Also, the first thing that comes to mind when I think "In and Out" is the gay-themed movie with Kevin Kline.
Pushing their religion on others? They have "John 3:16" printed on the bottom of their cups, that's it. They don't discriminate in hiring practices or with their customers. If it weren't for that little snip, then no one would know that they were owned by a religious family. I'm sorry if you don't like their food, but it's delicious (animal style everything!). I go to In n Out every chance I get, since they don't have one in my city. Getting worked up over this is just ridiculous.
Not getting worked up, just expressing my personal preference and right to not do business with such companies. I'm not asking you to follow my lead. I'm just making a list. :)

How do you think a theist would react if they saw something like "No gods, no masters" on something they spent their hard earned money on? It's a good bet that hey would not buy anything from that company again! In fact, they would probably get their undies in a bunch over it, then get the local media involved....and then it would be on Faux Noise!!! LOL
Not only would it be all over Faux Noise but there'd be protests, death threats, bomb threats and the place would most likely go out of business.




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