Does anyone know of a website that lists companies who either openly or covertly proselytize? I've surfed the net, but came up with nothing. Apparently, IN-N-OUT Burger is one of those companies who push their religion on it's customers, by placing references to bible quotes on it's products. Check out this pic of the bottom of one of their cups:

I don't patronize IN-N-OUT Burger, only because there isn't one close to where I live. But, I will decidedly avoid them now after seeing this. CREEPY!!!

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Much ado about nothing. 1. Who sees the message? 2. Does it effect the food? 3. Is it in your face aggressive? ans: few if any, no, no.
Save your ire for the likes of Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-a and Amway who discriminate and/or finance extremist religious organizations or causes.
Stephen, are free to do business with any company you wish. Just as I am. This is just one way I choose to engage in my own personal protest against businesses who proselytize. If given a choice, I choose not to do business with those who spread the "god virus" on their products.

I also stamp out the "in god we trust" on paper money with "E PLURIBUS UNUM". It makes me feel good to stamp out a lie with our original national motto.

As I said, it's a matter of choice. I'm just asking if anyone knows of a list, that's all. I may just start one of my own. :)
I doubt that they succeed in spreading the "god virus" at all. Now other foodborne illnesses, maybe...
Chick-Fil-a pushes religion, but believe it or not Church's Chicken is not religious.
I can't remember if it's Chick-Fil-A or another fast food place in our area, but they actually actively discriminate against homosexuals because of their religious views. >.X
You mean if a customer appears gay, they throw them out? Stupid business practices, almost as stupid as the Catholic drug store that didn't sell makeup (or birth control or a bunch of other things.)

I remember having the most bisexual, polyamorous, loud, metal conversation at Chick-Fil-A one time when my friends took me there!
No, the more illegal hiring practices of discrimination. I'd have to ask my sister 'cause it was one of her friends, but if I recall correctly, they asked someone she knew if they were homosexual on either the application, or it came up during the interview. The person didn't get the job.

I went to a pharmacy to refill my b.c. once where the pharmacist was afraid to look me in the eye and stuttered a lot when he started to tell me how to take it. XD Funny thing is, I was a virgin then and was using it purely to control my cycles and hormones, but he obviously assumed.
I'm also on b.c. for the same reason and so are many others! Luckily I haven't had anyone do anything stupid while I was getting it.
Thank you....yes I've heard that too. Never was a big fan of either of those. I prefer KFC. Isn't it great to have choices? :)
I never really cared about the name. The reason I don't go there is because their chicken is too "mushy" (moist) for me. :)
There is a Sonic Drive Inn in my city (one of two, this only applies to the oldest one) that has "God Bless You" on their receipts. It annoys me but not as much as the music they used to play. They started playing oldies rock when they opened but then switched to xtian rock. I complained a few times but got the "privately owned, can do what we want" answer so I stopped going for a number of years. When I did go back they had reverted to oldies. The slogan is still on the receipts, though. I sigh, record the amount, and drop it in the trash. I only go for the Cherry Lime-aids and then only if I'm on that side of town instead of the other.

There is also a dry cleaners which has a HUGE anti-abortion sign on the wall. It's the most convenient for me but not worth it. I would get angry every time I went in there so I stopped using them. We are a small town and a debate with a private business in our overly religious area would do me more harm than good.

And then there is "Six Flags over Jesus" (not it's real name) which is a giant baptist church for whom the city sends police officers to (I kid you not) stop traffic on Sundays so the good little xtians don't have to wait for the red light.

That last one might be a little off-topic. I can remove it if it's a problem.
Thank you. I did not know that about Sonic. I go there once in a blue moon, but never noticed anything "godly" on the receipt. I'll add them to my growing list. :)




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