According to my count there are 57 women and 143 men here, which means that if every gurl find a guy there would still be 86 men who would remain single!

Now let's assume that the % of gay men here is roughly equal to the population at large around 10% last time I checked...which means that 10% of 143 is 14.3 gay men...which might bring our figures down for other men down to 71.7...and we still have not factored the amount of lesbian athesits here....5.7...which is likely higher for I will say a modest increase of 15% lesbians here.....I should actually raise the bar on the gay men here too, I would think...but anyway...these are not exact figures.....:)

So that brings us to 48 women seeking men here and about 129 men seeking women....which means that the gap is 81 men are out of luck...and that's of course if everyone here was compatable with each other which of course....would not be the case since we know that the div. rate in this country is 50%! Well that leaves us with only 24 women here who would actually stay in their relationship and that would mean that only 24 men would still have a relationship and the rest .... which isn't saying too much...and....*starts to cry...

But seriously why are there always a majority of men on these atheists sites? I mean are we going to have to fight over each women like in Saudi Abria? Or will there be like for every atheist women three atheist men by her side? Some sort of atheist women's polygamy? ....

I mean this must be great for the women atheists right? You have more too choose from? If one atheist man does not suite your fancy well you can always find a large pool to choose from again....I would suspect that it is even more rational for a women to be an atheist than a man! Unless you are a gay man....?

Which brings me to my point is it rational to be an atheist male if your goal is a relationship with a female? hmm...

Does not believing in something that does not exist really matter considering how it can effect one's dating and relationship life? If so should we settle down with our pet dog and live in isolation for the rest of our lives? And why am I an atheist again? God must of cursed me. Is honesty really that important folks? What social good does it really bring? Maybe I could just brainwash myself into belief again...motivation is sure there...oh but the gods of reason say no!

This of course brings up another valid question: If atheist men outnumber atheist women and women are often the ones teaching the next generation of human babies....and they are all religious...what kind of world is this going to look like: Idiocracy.

And of course there is the elephant in the room: Why would there be more male atheists than female atheists? Is the stereotype all know what it is....women are more prone to feeling and emotion thus they are more prone to religion and are themselves emotional but mostly rational compared to women...hence logic suggests that is why there are so few women atheists.

Does a feminist want to counter the data in some way? I'd hate for that to be the truth.....if it were I suppose marrying my dog would be my next goal....because if that is true, and all women are irrational on some other level atheist women would be just as irrational as other faith based women, therefore I'm not sure what the difference is?

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I'll take 2!
Good point - if Fox's math is right, that's at least 2 guys for each of us. I just need a couple of those East Coasters to suddenly decide the Desert Southwest would be a really nifty place to visit. A lot.

Don't get your hopes up God is not on your side here. :)
I apologize for not reading nine pages of replies if someone already pointed this out, but let's be scientific about this. Is the ratio of men to women in this singles group so out of whack with what it would be on some other personals site? They do, in general, seem to be much more populated by men than by women.

Someone supplying hard data would be interesting.

This is just speculation based on casual observation on my part, but I think this is just because of our evolutionary history. Females in most species, including ours, control the mating ritual. Men court, women choose. Men have to try harder. So they have to be more active. Women can spend less time looking for a mate because they know they have a good chance of having their pick when they're ready. So dating sites have more men.

Afterthought edited in: That obviously does not mean that most men go single forever, it's just that the bottom 2/3 (like the guy in the picture on the left) have to wait for when a compatible female wants to mate with them.
As I recall (without re-reading the thread) it was kinda/sorta discussed that most dating venues do seem to have more men than women. In part for the reasons you state above and for the added is-he-real-or-a-creepy-serial-killer element, especially on the Internet.

That said, I only wish I had my pick. I seem only visible to those who are taken and/or gay and/or the aforementioned I-think-he-might-be-a-creepy-serial-killer type.

Just read the title.

Let the cock-blocking begin.
Atheist. Logical. Feminist. Bisexual. And totally willing to accept polygamy. ;-) Let the dirty primate brawls begin.
Up the count by one more woman. :-)

I haven't read allll the comments but I read enough to get the jist. Here's a thought I didn't see. To stand up and say, yes, I am an atheist takes guts in a society that is 82% Christian and so set against you. As a woman, you are already disadvantaged on every playing field out there. You have to decide that it means enough to you to buck one more trend and stand for what you believe in, or don't believe in this case. This society has told all of us to conform conform conform. Especially women.

It means enough to me. I am tired of all the illogical bs out there! Yet I am quite emotionally sensitive and intuitive. I just put everything through a logic filter before acting when ever possible. It just makes sense!

My note to the guys is there are plenty of women that would love to feel free enough to think for themselves. They just need a little encouragement!
I did read all 10 pages (i'm perculiar that way).

I guess there is either an age difference, or we girls are quite picky.

As for me.. i'm a big girl, extremely intelligent and i come across as very self confident.
Any of those are enough to chase a guy away, let alone the combo of all of the above ;)

One good thing though.. even though i'll turn 36 in a month, people still think i'm 25-27 years old ;)
"One good thing though.. even though i'll turn 36 in a month, people still think i'm 25-27 years old ;)"

Physically, personality-wise, or both?

I know what you mean. I really hate to come off sounding like a desperate cougar pleading, "But I really do look young, really!"

The reality is however, while I may have inherited Mom's butt, gut and hips that will always keep me in the gym, I also inherited the DNA that will always make me look a decade or two younger than I am. Add to that being the baby of the family and the family free-spirit/gypsy, and I end up relating to the 20-somethings on personality as much as the 40-somethings on my love of classic rock.

I've been separated for a year now from an oppressive marriage and I can tell you that the freedom to do what you need and want to do will make anyone feel oh so much younger! So if you already have that independence, I could see how youthful you would seem.

I've inherited my Mom's gut. Which for me, I have to address the double wammy of a dairy intolerance and adrenal fatigue (I can thank my ex for that one). From what I have been reading and being told by ND's, if you have problems loosing or keeping from gaining weight, it is probably due to a hormone imbalance of some sort.
physically.. probably both actually.

I don't have much going for me looks wise (in my own opinion). I'm a big girl and my face has at best average looks.
I guess i'm just happy that at least when people don't think i'm pretty, they do think i look y ounger than i am. ;)

I have been through quite some stuff in the last 10 years, and oddly enough as a result, i feel a lot better, secure and happy than i did in my twenties.
I play computer games, visit medieval fairs, and a few weekends a year i dress up in a costume and pretend i'm a wizard ;) (live action roleplay for those who know it).

I guess everything has good and bad sides.
The most blunt thing i have ever said to anybody about myself was that i really didn't care much about my body, just as long as it was healthy, as the only task it has in my eyes is to carry my brain around.




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