But I had to show this. Click attachment that says. 666

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dont worry, i saw it too :D
Holy crap a tiff file.
I thought the same thing!
It would appear now that the number viewable from the main forum list been artificially fixed at 666 now, which is amusing enough; though, the value that is reported inside the Water Cooler pocket is freely floating at its actual value.

That or my Firefox chose to cache that page and to do so at a very weird and rare time.
I usually don't have that problem with my Firefox cache.
But you're right, it does say 666.
I've always wanted 666 as a street number for my domicile. 668 would also do, because I could be the neighbor of The Beast.
Speaking of the Neighbor of the Beast, when the number of discussions reached 668, I felt a certain familiarity and comfort. I thought maybe it was just me accepting that it had passed the critical number and moving on, but then I remembered something from The Kingdom of Loathing, which I used to play, er, religiously.
Speaking of the Number of The Beast...

Might I just share with you this book recommendation?

It's about numerology, and has several chapters on why people, for example find patterns of numbers like 666 (616 or 668) significant and which explains some of those mad post-millennial dispensationalist beliefs like the pre/mid/post tribulation brigade.

What Phythagoras wrought
How about 1010011010 or 29A 0r 1232 do they have the same import? That's Binary, Hexidecimal and octal equivalent of 666.
There is a US highway in So. West Colorado that has the number US 666. A group of fundies petitioned the government to change the designation until residents of the area protested saying the highway number gave them a unique identity and they wanted the nuts to stay out of their business.




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