Lodi California news, the day after the National Day of Prayer on May 3rd. Local church groups gather at a Veteran's memorial between City and Carnegie hall to pray for the country, persecuted church, and to rally local Christians to get up in arms again gay-marriage and abortion. 

2 local Christians stand outside the gathering, peacefully and quietly with billboards expressing the unconstitutional nature of the Day of Prayer and calling for a separation of church and state.

The news article can be found here: http://www.lodinews.com/news/article_8d3d90ce-1be9-59c2-9dbf-d54157...

You may have to toggle the photos on the right hand side to see the billboards, also if you want to cut to the chase, scroll down to the last 2 paragraphs. 

Oh, and hope you recognize that pretty young lady! ;) 

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I believe the National Day of Prayer is a bad thing because Americans are the only ones who can solve their mutiple social and environmental problems.  No supernatural entity is going to help us once it's too late. 


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