California Science Center pays $110,000 to creationists to settle lawsuit

The Intelligent Design movement may not have many scientists behind it, but they do have lots of lawyers...


In 2009, the California Science Center contracted with the American Freedom Alliance, a group which bills itself as "a non-political, non partisan, movement of concerned Americans which identifies threats to western civilization", to show a film called Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record in it's IMAX Theater. The Science Center cancelled the scheduled showing, citing breach of contract, and the American Freedom Alliance sued.
This week the suit was settled. Under the terms of the settlement, neither side admitted wrong-doing and the Science Center paid the AFA $110,000 and offered to screen the film. The AFA took the money but declined the offer of the screening.

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Bottom line, "The center said it agreed to settle the lawsuit only to avoid the cost of further litigation.".  Sometimes you have to pick your battles.  


This is a culture war.  I don't know who is winning.  The dark forces of religion have endless resources.

I'm puzzled as to why the Science Center agreed to show the film in the first place.  Did they in fact enter into a contract with the AFA?

That puzzles me too.  Seems like someone didn't know what they were getting in to.  I would like to know too.


This is from the Washington Post link:

The American Freedom Alliance, which states its mission as promoting, defending and upholding Western values and ideals, rented the science center’s theater in 2009 to show the film and host a debate afterward as part of a fundraiser.

The center canceled the contract after it learned a third party, the Discovery Center, which supports intelligent design, was promoting the event in violation of the center’s contract with the alliance. What’s more, according to the science center, both groups were making an effort to drum up controversy about the program.

“The cancellation was never about the content of the program, as indicated by the fact that the foundation was willing to have the event in the first place. It was about the false and misleading press releases that the Discovery Institute and AFA issued,” the science center said in a statement Monday.


They never did state why they agreed to show a creationist film, did they?
This is a nauseating precedent.




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