California's famous Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy protection

They're still holding Sunday services at Garden Grove's landmark Crystal Cathedral, but these days some of the prayers are for intercession of a different sort. On October 18, the Crystal Cathedral, evangelist Robert H. Schuller's monument to God (or, according to some critics, himself) and the birthplace of his famous "Hour of Power" TV show has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

You can make a LOT of money in the religion biz but, as a dyslexic friend of mine has observed, "it's a god eat god world out there."


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Cathedral Interior

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My cousin used to love that guy Robert Schueller. I think this is pretty funny. Hopefully, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard and all the rest will soon follow suit. May the air waves be overtaken by infommericals and the home shopping channel in place of these guys.
How bad are you with money if you get nearly 2 million bucks a month and still declare bankruptcy? Maybe they should have prayed for some sound fiscal advice as opposed to whatever else they were praying for, which was probably a way to get out of this monetary mess.
Ironic, I saw on the news a fire at a mormon? church, couple days ago. Insurance? Or satanic buddies of the corrupted monument leaders cashing in? wugh wugh what?!?
Probably Satanic insurance salesmen.
A little checking has revealed that Oral Roberts and Rex Humbard are in fact, dead. One can only hope Pat Robertson will soon follow suit.
Well, ya know, Christianity teaches humility and this cathedral is clearly a monument to humility and virtue. But apparently humility comes at a high price. God isn't going to pay that power bill...
Thank YOU JESUS!!!




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