The generic "Politics" for this category of posting leaves me wondering, how many atheists and non-theists, freethinkers and agnostics belonging to A|N consider themselves a wonk.  (I used "Wonkette" facetiously and with reference to the dot com of a political blogger.)  If by now you still do not know what a wonk is, I recommend going back to your own planet and consulting its library.  Now, I only ask because I am actually curious about a matter.  Can anyone tell me how many vice-presidential candidates, whose ticket lost an election, actually went on to become president themselves when they ran at the top of the ticket?

I am only curious because Paul Ryan appeared on a morning political talk show and prove anew that we are about to see The Second Coming of the Purple Better One.  As I recall, that was the late William S. Burroughs' term for all politicians, for whom he had nothing but vitriolic disdain. He likened them to a certain ape that has a, you know, purple.....  Since they are all alike in their motive for running in the first place (to get rich, automatically eschewing altruism, casting it aside at the altar of Gold), altruism and profit being mutually exclusive.

Somehow, I simply cannot see Ryan in the White House.  No woman in her right mind would vote for him.  His sexist, Catholic ideas about women -- he supports state brainwashing of abortion patients in Christian dogmatic practices that should horrify everyone but the Stepford bitches who actually think a woman's place is to be her husband's "help mate."  Then, there is his threat to Social Security and Medicare.  Finally, there is his perennially smiling, perennially smug face.  When I die and go to hell Ryan will be there, pitchfork and tail.

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Pathetic.  Women who think they are not as valid or as valuable as their husbands or sons or total strangers who happen to be male.  I am sorry, I cannot understand this.  These are the Stepford Bitches.

In answering your question of how many losing vice-presidential candidates lost an election then went on to become president, the same number as the number of winning vice-presidential candidates, depending on how you count: 2 to 4 each.

The problem with the number partly stems from the different methods we have used over the years for determining the vice-president.

For an explanation of who won and lost, and how those numbers (2-4) were arrived at, see this link at

Well, obviously, it is not unprecedented.  Drat!  The thought of Paul Ryan becoming president is just unbearable.

Ridiculous reply, fellow.




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