looking for some advice. whilst i want to promote my band to atheists and atheist groups, if i label us as an atheist band, does that make us just as bad as christian bands? everytime i hear or read 'christian band' i think of con artists trying to suck dollars out of the ever-trusting flock.
but if we do the same thing, doesn't that make us just as slimy?
but, i also think a lot of atheists would appreciate and enjoy our songs. and i want to get it to them.
what to do?
sell ourselves as an atheist band coz we want to interact with them, or just hope that message comes through in the music?

here's the song anyway. it has a zombie jesus in it.


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If I saw a poster with "atheist band" on it, I would interpret that as "anti religion band". Bands call themselves "(religion) bands" to distinguish themselves from the default position of just playing music with no regard to any religion. From the look of your video, my definition of "atheist band" seems appropriate.

Same thing with comedians. If someone calls themself an atheist comedian, I expect to hear anti religion jokes included, as opposed to a normal comedian who might do jokes about anything. Similarly a christian comedian should have christian jokes included if they use that label.

However, I don't know where you live and the general culture may not reflect the view I have written above, so you would have to decide based on your potential audience's views.

lucas, kalliope,

thanks a lot for the replies. two well thought out pieces of advice! what sort of freaky place is this?
we are gonna be honest. we are atheists in the band so why hide it?
thanks for the time and the tips guys,

Freaky indeed. People are here tend towards kind and thoughtful. If I didn't know better, I'd think they all were some upstanding Christians. ;)

As for the band, I'd go for it! Like K said, Christian bands are cheesy because Christianity is. You'll be fine! Besides, I'd love to have an atheist CD to pull out and play when someone else was bothering me with their religious music!


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