Anyone in the Longview Tx area?  My realizations about our reality and how I was dead wrong for 28 years have led to a divorce and finding out who my friends really i'm looking to find some more rational folks to hang with...anyone around?  I know Austin has a good group of non-theists, but that's 5 hrs away ;)  Not too sure about Longview.  I was raised DEEP southern baptist so my demographic isn't too great for this type of search lol.

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as far as my "beliefs" go...I tried nothing...and it was everything I thought it could be...greatest day of my life...  


Hey Benjamin you might like to join Texas Heathens.

I'm in Austin, TX!

So glad to see another Texan here.

Hey Benjamin here are some links to groups that may be closer to you.

The East Texas Freethinkers Meetup Group




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