Cameron and Comfort, intellectual luminares of our time featured on CNN

two things. 1. an actor claims to be smarter than almost all the scientists there are and is somehow capable of "debunking" them.

2. What if we put a 50 page preface on the bible and gave it out? "This book is full of utter horseshit and should not be taken literally by anyone. It should not be taught to children as fact, and its racism and undeniable connection to hitler's nazi regime cannot be ignored."

Not to suggest by any stretch that the "origin of species" is somehow a bible for atheists or even comes close, but it does seem a reasonable retort.

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Thank you for posting, I've read into the introduction a bit and I can tell this is not written very well.

You are stronger than me. I couldn't get past a few paragraphs. Intend to grind through it though.
Well this just proves that creationists have nothing better to do with their time. Lets take a book that has some great proven theories and write a crappy intro with lies and slander! Yeah that will really make people think our way. What a bunch of morons...
those closeted freaks are as lame as a PC with not enough ram:

who in their right mind would fall for their crap anymore?
My guess, it's another money-laundering ponzi scheme with s. american drug connections

in regards to comfort he's not even a citizen here
so wtf? ban that deviant nay-sayer of humanity mthrfkr
Heres a gem

Page 31 from the introduction

If you find it hard to believe that there was an Intelligent
Designer, give this some thought. Man, with all his genius, can’t
make a rock, a leaf, a flower, a living singing bird, a croaking
frog, or even a grain of dead sand from nothing. We can recreate,
but we can’t create anything material from nothing, living or
dead. Not a thing.
Did you realize that if we could simply make one blade
of grass without using existing materials, we could solve the
world’s hunger problem? If we could make a blade of grass,
we could then create a lot more grass, feed the green material
through a machine that does what the common cow does, and
have pure white full cream milk, then smooth cream, delicious
yogurt, tasty cheese, and smooth butter. But we can’t make
even one blade of grass from nothing, let alone giving it the
ability to reproduce after its own kind, as regular grass does.
We have no idea where to begin when it comes to creating. If
that’s true, how intellectually dishonest is it to say that this
entire incredible creation in which we live, came into existence
with no Intelligent Designer?
Which helps the grass grow which helps the cow live which allows the milk to be made ......
Whats so striking to me is the thought of making a machine that can produce milk form grass, just like a cow does. Yummy grass milk!

If we can make grass, why don't we just make milk instead?!?!
How can one write an introduction to a book they haven't read or are to stupid to understand?
Unfortunately, evolution is not terrible efficient; if it were these morons would have been weeded out of the gene pool long ago.


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