Hi, I know Atheist Nexus has been following the Camp Quest news so thought I'd fill you in about this year.


Our theme this year is "The Mind" which I'm very excited about. We'll be covering everything from philosophy of mind to psychology to neuroscience. We have a secret psychologist and a comedian lined up as special guests and we'll also have some talks and demonstrations from neuroscientists from London Imperial.


We are running two camps: one in Lincolnshire and one in Somerset. We are about half full.


visit www.camp-quest.org.uk to find out more (or ask me on here)



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Great to see two camps this year. My kids have eagerly signed up (unprompted by parents!). And it sounds like they'll probably get in, if not all the places have gone yet (my daughter asks me daily whether I've heard anything yet!).

I know you were over-subscribed last year; but how many places do you need to fill to make it viable? Any risk that you won't?

Any hope of a version for adults?! :)

We are about half full which is already enough to go ahead so it's a dead cert as far as I know and if you've sent your payment to Sam then it's also pretty certain that you've got a place. Obviously we do want to get all 80 places filled but it won't be the end of the world if we don't (we do have a few months to do it so not too worried).

Not sure if an adult version would catch on, haven't thought about it really. What would it consist of? Talking about philosophy in a distant forest?
Must admit I hadn't thought about what an adult version would entail. But it's a chance to do more than philosophize over a pint down the pub, I guess! Getting away to the woods, even if adults don't run around and build rafts and climb trees like the kids (although I would!), it offers a chance for formal and informal discourse that you don't otherwise get, especially as most of us don't have a "church" that might otherwise offer that sort of thing.

Maybe we need a Church of Freethought where we can huddle and think once a week; then I wouldn't feel the need to "retreat". Though I suppose online can deliver some of that. Maybe I just regret not having the shot at a Camp Quest when I was a kid. :)

Yup, if we had a camper for every adult who's told us they wish Camp Quest was around when they were young we'd be full ten times over. I would certainly build rafts as well. Maybe one year it'll emerge. Apparently there will be Humanist Chaplains in England soon - like Greg Epstein
the oldest you can be is 16/17. depends on which Camp Quest you want to go to
Dang. Neuro! That's cool.




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