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Why not? an universal, simple, clear anagram + symbol A T O

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Ok, I'll spread the symbol. :)
Good Dr. Ned Kelly, And Thanyou very much for your papet. We have achieved to be in the first 20 google results:
This video I made thinking of you.

Thanks a lot Ned

This is the symbol referred to:

Can you explain what 'A T O' stands for? Obviously A is for Atheist!
Hmm, it looks an awful lot like the anarchist A. Which I point blank refuse to use even though I'm a mild anarchist because of it idiots that mistakenly use it.
Love Spanish culture or a least many parts but that saying holds know water.
In my opinion there's no such thing as"THE" atheist symbol,nor can there be.

Having a symbol gives the [false] impressions that atheists en masse are a group with things in common other than a lack of belief in god(s) EG ideology,world views,politics, morality.

I am happy to belong to a specific group which identifies itself for atheists only.However,this group does not speak for me on any subject,nor do I presume to speak for or atheists when I express an opinion. If you agree,fine if not,also fine.

I do not support the notion of any generic atheist symbol.

That's all I have to say on this matter. I seldom argue in any depth and never attempt debates on internet forums.

It has been observed more than once that getting a group of atheists to agree on ANYTHING is like herding cats.
I agree to a point, but although we may not have a lot in common, we need to identify ourselves to the theist. We are in part in this situation because most theists are not aware of nontheists. Just our exposure in society helps open the minds closed because of ignorance.
No. It sucks. Take a suggestion from the international Cynics flag - we use just a stick.
I tend to agree with the " Atheist don't need a sign, or symbol" line. Historically however it takes a movement to change a society, or bring down organizations. Movements generally require a symbol. But hey maybe we could be different....or maybe we could use the pitchfork. NO forget Pitch Fork, Glenn Beck already absconded with it. At least we aren't tea bagging!!

Check out the medallion on GI Joe, a popular boys doll that has been sold since the early 1960's. This particular doll sports the GI Joe Action Team logo introduced in the 70's.
Hey, maybe you ought to change yours? lol
Good onya, mate. I am an American who likes the story of Ned Kelly.
lol That is funny. Maybe GI Joe figures are atheists. I like this symbol:

I also like the symbol with the A as the atomic nucleus, but people will probably think the A stands for "Atom" or something.




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