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Why not? an universal, simple, clear anagram + symbol A T O

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Looks like someone's been hiking on the Appalachian Trail(AT).

They want their sign back, ateo. ;)
That is just tooooo funny. Think of the possible misunderstandings that would arise!
Prenang nuns inside walls disguised by rich men in convents dicovered by working women in 1936 in Spanish convents. There was a social revolution. 1936, investigate atheists.
I like the ghost with the red cross out , ghostbusters symbol.

I'm an atheist, but I don't love atheism. I hate theism, ignorance, disease, delusion, drugs, religion. I love rational thinking, equal access to education, science, democracy, debate, freedom and accurate preservation of history. If there was a symbol that embodied the things I love, I would wear it proudly. A symbol that only represents my disdain for something else seems unenlightened.
Do you really want to brand your babies with that mark?
Only happy babies that are awake....Sleepy, frowny babies are not the image I'm looking for!! Atheists should appear awake and well rested.
Nah atheist don't need any symbols.
I liked the one that looked like a light bulb with a small, lowercase "a" in the center and the equation: questioning = atheism.

The one above looks like some sort of "Star Trek Command" symbol and I don't care for it. Light bulbs, on the other hand, can represent enlightenment OR science/Edison.

The larger "A" always makes me think of "The Scarlet Letter" which represented Adultery in the novel. And theists already think we're amoral and immoral so we don't need the additional "bad press".


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