You knew he was gonna have to come up with something, and Harold Camping didn't disappoint. He now says the Rapture will take place Oct. 21:


So now we have to put up with another five months of his crap. Guess PT Barnum was right when he said "There's a sucker born every minute."


Wouldn't it be nice if he reimbursed those who spent their money on his behalf, especially the guy in New York state who went through his retirement savings - $140K - to promote his theories.


Yeah, I know, don't hold your breath...

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He will continue to raise funds to spread the word of our impending doom. Sadly, people will still dig deep for the cause, despite the many (and we know there will be) "errors in calculation".

Hmm... he mentions in the link that May 21st was in fact judgement day and at this moment everyone in the world has been judged. Since basically you can't save anyone anymore, he is not interested in promoting the Oct 21st message. If that's true, then it sounds like the guy really believes this stuff, rather than just being some scam-artist.


Makes me wonder though, if everything is "set" salvation-wise, what happens to babies born between now and Oct 21st?

On a related note, if everything is "set" salvation-wise, what reason is there to be 'good' now?  Folks going to Heaven have a place reserved due to past goodness, and folks going to Hell might as well live it up since it's too late now.

Babies are considered innocent. >.>
The billboards came down pretty fast.  I'm guessing they won't put up new ones with the revised date and that they won't put new messages on their cars and drive around spreading the word.  I think they'll be a bit more quiet this time.
Wow, some people just never give up. I think he's going for the record, don't know what it is but I heard there have only been a few people with more (eventually false) predictions of the end of the world coming, I guess because most people are smart enough to realize that if they got it wrong once (or even twice like this moron), they just haven't got the magic formula. But this moron, wow, he is just completely convinced! It's coming, it's calculable (by him), and by Jove, one of these days he's gonna be right! What a delusory imbecile.
This lunatic needs locking up!

As I said when The Rapture DIDN'T happen, as I saw on a Mad Magazine sticker back in the 70s:


The End of the World is coming - it's just late, like everything else!!!

No one told Uncle Harry that god rejected the entire human race and we're all gonna die!




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