Can an atheist and a devout christian have a long lasting romantic relationship?

I live in a very small town in south Louisiana, so finding a female atheist in my age group (I'm 34) is virtually impossible. I am surrounded by christians, mostly catholic. I have tried to find companionship on dating sites, but there aren't very many self-proclaimed atheists in my neck of the woods. However I've been involved in a relationship with a very devout catholic woman. She knows I'm atheist, but she thinks we can still have a good long-term relationship. I'm not sure that it's possible. I am in no rush for a commitment  right now, but when I am ready for it could an atheist and a catholic be in a  relationship together for the long haul? Has anyone else been in this situation?

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Sure, it's possible but why would you want to.
Thanks for the insight everyone.
I don't see why it couldn't. It seems she is willing to accept your atheism if she is willing to have an relationship with you. Wait and see.
I'm only 19 and iv only been in 4 relationships with christian girls. all of them used me and stabbed me in the back. i don't know if that is how your situation will end but christian women can be pretty damn crooked.
You're also young enough that people aren't mature enough to make the best decisions in relationships, and it's highly possible an atheist would be just as "damn crooked." It comes down to maturity and personal values in those relationships.
Well, I don't know if my spouse is "devout", but he is technically Catholic, doesn't go to church, doesn't believe in the typical Catholic politics (pro life, etc), just has a basic belief God, and thinks God will help him, and doesn't get very philosophical about it. What do I care? I was not an atheist when I met him (I was in my pagan experiment) and he accepted me the same either way, and I do the same for him. I don't really try to deconvert him. I don't want him to be just like me, and his religious outlook is mostly positive. Doesn't cause him to be irrational (at least, beyond thinking a rosary on his dashboard makes a difference) and doesn't keep him from pursuing what he wants in life. Devout Christians, who think Jesus is the only way blah blah blah and have all the usual Christian politics, that probably would be different.
I really appreciate the feedback everyone. Thank you all for your insight.
Corey, comments that apply to someone in an urban or progressive place, might not apply to you here. As you state, you live in a very small town in south Louisiana, and most of the people around you are Catholic.

You know about your town more than anyone here. If you don't think you'll find a nontheist (atheist or agnostic) or liberal-thinking theist in your town, then you have about 3 choices - you're using one of those choices to type on your keyboard, #2 is to be involved with a christian, and the 3rd is getting out of town.

The economy is lousy - and you just might love living in your town anyway, great food, great lifestyle, friends, family, fishing, and all the tarballs you can pick up on the beach. Getting out of town might not be what you want or need.

That leaves the other two. Assuming that you're not excited about choice #1, that leaves choice #2, and making the best that you can with that choice. Then the question is not, whether to get involved with a christian, but how to do it best.

Im not sure I know how to do it best, probably a different topic thread anyway.
Did you discuss the topic in the beginning, or do you discuss it now? I'm sorry this is happening. I usually hear about atheist men and xtian women. I wonder if he thought that you'd come around to his way of thinking. Did you think that you could deconvert him over time? Are your kids being raised xtian or what? Sorry for the questions, but this seems like a unique situation, to me atleast.
I have been married for 12 years to a christian and religion has never affected our marriage. We have never attempted to convert each other and embrace what we are. We don't see ourselves just as an atheist and a christian but partners. In fact,he is my best friend. Yes,it can work!
Well, my friend and I had a discussion that didn't end so well. We were having a conversation about some of the usual religious stuff and ended up on the topic of prayer in public schools (BTW she has a Bobby Jindal sticker on her back glass). I usually think of her as fairly open-minded when it comes to most of the things we discuss, however the prayer in public school issue was something we both had very strong and different feelings about. Her position was that it should be allowed and any individuals who don't wish to participate could simply not pray. My argument was that those individuals are almost certainly going to be singled out and ostracised, not to mention religion has no place in a public school. We went back and forth with this and I have to admit, it made me question my wisdom in continuing this relationship. We haven't discussed politics much, but I feel that we would have completely different opinions on that subject as well. I have as much faith in any politician about as much as I have faith in any god, but my views would certainly be more liberal. Issues like abortion and same-sex marriage I'm almost positive would bring about even more division between us. Just thought that I'd give you all an update, if you care. Please feel free to comment back.
I am very sorry to hear that. I was rooting for you both. My view is this:if this difference between you two affects you SO strongly that it changes how you look at each other,it is better that you are not romantically involved. If you two are able to just embrace the fact you two will always be different this way and see all the potential you both have than it could work. I think the mind frame of the society you live in can determine things a lot, when you said students who don't pray would be ostracised. I wish you the best in the future with finding someone.




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