Can an atheist be friends with an evangelical (fairly fundamental) Christian?

I have a friend, we've known each other almost 15 years.  I was only a Christian for four years - I made a really rushed commitment, a couple of years down the road, started reading things (the BIble) properly and having big questions and luckily, even though there was lots of pressure not to leave, I "saw the light" and left the Church (it was hard not to once I started thinking for myself!). 


I only have one Christian friend now. She is a very genuine person and I have kept her friendship for 15 years.  But recently, I've been wondering if we are just friends because we have known each other so long.  I find myself constantly having to bite my tounge, otherwise we would end up having full blown arguments.  I find it frightening that, in her world, the Bible pervades any kind of other reason.  I find it upsetting (and insulting) that I know she still thinks of me as a lost soul and is still praying for me (but then don't I think the same of her?).  I find it upsetting that her children are being brainwashed to pray to the invisible God too.  I know it is done with sincere motives but that doesn't change the fact I find it upsetting.  My question to you all, is I think my friendship might be done, sad as it is.  I probably need to have a chat with her but am scared it will all come out wrong and will turn into a slanging match.  I don't think a phone conversation or writing a letter is the right way to deal with it either.  I'm wondering if anyone else has ever been through this and am looking for a bit of moral support I guess :)

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Sadly, my relationship with a  friend (ex-friend) tapered off to nothing after i started asking him about his belief. I think i know where you are with the relationship. It's getting to a point where you can't help but feel disconnected from your friend in a way that wasn't present before. I know i started to look at my friend as a lost cause even though he probably thinks that of me. I can't say i regret bringing the topics up, well, he did. I had to let him know what i thought, and i couldn't just go along anymore. I felt that i wasn't being genuine. Try your hardest to not turn it into an argument by not raising your voice. If she can't talk about anything without injecting religion, i don't know if anything can be salvaged.
Damian:  I agree, everything is okay until you start talking about beliefs and you are right, I was feeling disconnected; good word choice, I will use it!   Its so hard as well, when people say "oh just don't bring up religion with her", its impossible because beliefs are expressed in word and deed, if they are fundamental to your being then you can't help but express them all the time even if you're not conscious of it.




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