I am an Agnostic and I feel a strange feeling. I feel that since I don't really believe in God that every little thing that happens to that is bad is Him trying to prove me wrong. Any idea what to do? Its a weird feeling and I do not understand it. I thought about being a theist but I do not see the logic in it. Is this a mental issue by chance?

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It sounds like some lingering guilt from being a theist.  As time passes and things go as they always have, I am guessing in time it will pass.
If I were you I would consider  a form of cognitive therapy to beat down the bad ideas that are coming up.  The way to do this is to argue with yourself with paper and pencil whenever you get one of these ideas.  For example, take a blank sheet of paper and draw a line down the center.  On the left write down the exact content of the bad idea that has just come up.  On the right use all of your intelligence to argue what is incorrect or partially incorrect with this idea.  You will then get another bad idea in response to your response and deal with that the same way, that is, write it down and argue with it.  You don't have to totally defeat these bad ideas. The reason you feel bad is that you can't now see anything wrong with these ideas.  But they do have their fallacies and the only way to find them is to use your intelligence and rationality against them - like you were in court defending yourself. You can feel much better if you just reduce their impact and importance.

Probably this is how you feel the pressure from society that is overwhelmingly religious. What if they're right?? :P

Bad things happen to all people, theists included. In which case 'He' is trying to prove them he doesn't exist! ;)

I think this is a normal process you're going through. Relax and enjoy life. Bad things happen sometimes and no one can stop them from happening by believing or not believing in god.

My guess is that you are right, that it is a mental issue. We are designed to see intention and agency in things even when it isn't there realy.

If one sence a tiger in the grass incorrectly, then one has lost little. On the other hand, anytime one fails to sence a tiger that is realy there, then one is tiger food.

We have plenty of predispositions built into us that make us prone to believe there is a god. None of them make one so.

I had feelings like that in my youth when I was an agnostic, and it seems natural to me. As an Atheist I do not have these feelings because I do not believe in the supernatural.



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