Here's an article from Psychology Today with the headline 'Why atheism will replace religion'.Religion and the concept of God were evolutionary necessities to feed human curiosity and to cope with this mysterious world.Now that we understand our Universe through science and technology,they are no more required thus avoiding many damages done in the name of religion.But how long will it be that atheism will completely overtake Religion?I'm suspicious about it and that certainly is not going to be any time soon.Religion appeals to people's emotions,they serve political purposes as well.Even if people believe that god does not exist,still they will follow their religious practices and the norms.No doubt that Atheism is on rise with the progress in science and technology,the idea of its complete domination is still questionable.But I'm an Optimist.

Here's the article -
Why Atheism Will Replace Religion

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I have little doubt that atheism can (and eventually will) replace religion, but I’m not so convinced it’ll be an easy process in the United States. In fact I’d be more inclined to think that the rate of atheistic conversion will be on par with other countries where strong religious indoctrination is the norm, such as Africa. I say this because America has a very strong anti-intellectual thread running through it, paired with our country’s religious sense of manifest destiny. I mean, look at what the International House of Prayer is doing in Uganda or listen to conservative talk shows. A large part of our country doesn’t want change, which is what atheism represents. So often I hear the religious speak about their “freedom of speech” being infringed upon but rarely do they ever defend “freedom of thought” (it’s not even an amendment), which is the intellectual cornerstone or reason.

The day that the last human stops believing in gods, is the day that atheism ceases to have relevancy. At that point, not believing in gods will be as unimpressive as not believing in FSM.

I think this is really our shared goal - the obsolescence of both theism and atheism, when there are no gods and no people who believe in gods and people are just people.

Can I get an AMEN! Oh wait ... that's probably not helpful.

Nothing wrong with R'amen ... even if you're neither into the noodles or the FSM!

Atheism is our default position so not believing in god would not be unimpressive except that we would not be having exclusive communities like these but the progress of mankind with free thinking would be quite impressive.

Atheism can not replace religion because it is a non-position, a zero.  The atheists would have to hang their hopes on a something, not a nothing. A +1 if you will, call it a philosophy of "realism" or "rationalism" and proceed from there.  "ACOLSOPHY", a philosophy to live by can replace religion.  It's not what you don't believe, it's what you do believe.

The root of religion is mystery.  Since we evolved our big brains, language and thought, we've pursued that mystery as the question we all ask ourselves, THE QUESTION.  The question takes many forms but is all the same question.  Why am I here? What should I be doing? Is there a reason for us? What's the purpose of it all? and, What is there for me?

It can all be boiled down to, Is life ultimately meaningful or meaningless, absurd?

Abrahamic religion gives people that meaning - The deity made and loves you - and you must love and follow his plan to reveal it's mystery.  That's the covet, the deal.  Of course freewill is necessary.  You are free to turn away from his plan, and this is the very definition of "sin" -turning away from god's plan.  A personally made universe based (supposedly) on love.

On atheism: I FIND IT VERY DIFFICULT to talk to fellow atheist after they've listened to Niche.  Suddenly everyone is an expert Nihilist.  Good and bad are constructs of the mind -not out in the real world.  And since no one made us either for a purpose or not, we're a happy accident, then there can be no meaning -end of story.  The only reason not to do bad (which is not real) things is to stay out of jail.  An impersonal universe based on self actualization.

I say there can meaning.  We weren't made by anyone and we are that happy accident of the universe, but is it all absurd or meaningful?  The very fact that we exist and are worried about the question means IT IS NOT ALL ABSURD, it can have meaning.  Then meaning comes from intelligent life choosing to make a meaning.  

To the nihilist I say this:  First there was no universe, and then there was.  First there was no life, and then it began.  First there was no intelligence, and now there is.  First there was no meaning, but now there can be.

An acolsophy (a non-theistic philosophy to live by) that holds the creation of meaning in ourselves and in the world around us as the higher purpose, is the atheist philosophy that would replace religion by satisfying the question.


Hopefully that link works - I'm not good with that stuff. If not, search "Lucky Louie why" in YouTube. It's great, and nihilistic.

ha haaaa thanks for the laugh this morning :-)

We can only hope that people will allow themselves to "engage brain" and discover truth for themselves....operative word is "hope"...

Dear atheists 

You live among christian godbelivers. I, as a materialist always ask these belivers: 

- There are millions of Gods, which one do you mean? Zeus and the greek gods cannot be similar as Jahve! 

- How big is this god: Less than a particle or bigger than Universe? 

- Who created the endlessness? When was he/she/it there? When arrived back? 

So materialism has no argument beside the existency of a God,but a plenty of against. 

But Kzoltan. Their answer on god is that they believe in "the one true god." Then you ask them which god is this? They are too ignorant to see that it is the god who was popular at time of their birth. It is the god that their culture believed in. Therefore your choice of god is determined by where you were born and when you were born. To be very blunt with it, -- they had little choice in the matter.



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