Here's an article from Psychology Today with the headline 'Why atheism will replace religion'.Religion and the concept of God were evolutionary necessities to feed human curiosity and to cope with this mysterious world.Now that we understand our Universe through science and technology,they are no more required thus avoiding many damages done in the name of religion.But how long will it be that atheism will completely overtake Religion?I'm suspicious about it and that certainly is not going to be any time soon.Religion appeals to people's emotions,they serve political purposes as well.Even if people believe that god does not exist,still they will follow their religious practices and the norms.No doubt that Atheism is on rise with the progress in science and technology,the idea of its complete domination is still questionable.But I'm an Optimist.

Here's the article -
Why Atheism Will Replace Religion

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It being reasonable to conclude that pragmatism appeared eons before anyone named it, it's reasonable also to conclude that someone found that burying the dead kept their spirits from creating a stink in the community.


I'm sure that's true, but it can't be the whole truth.

I can't let this opportunity pass. Whose evidence, mine or yours, passes the smell test?

It's reasonable to conclude that the more sensitive folk in those ancient communities wanted a story that treated their deceased more delicately.

The more sensitive folk in our present communities certainly do.

It's reasonable to conclude that the more sensitive folk in those ancient communities wanted a story that treated their deceased more delicately.

Putrescine and cadaverine don't seem quite an adequate explanation of the burial customs unearthed in ancient societies and the nearly uniform belief in immortality among them as detailed in Frazer's Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead.

Allan, are you concluding that I think the earliest motives are  the only motives?

A friend of mine here at a retirement home for veterans has a bachelor's in engineering. In mid-life he added a masters in psychology.

He knows I have a bachelor's in math, economics and physics, a year of business law, a year of graduate study in math and physics, and have been doing hardball politics for forty years.

FYI, in hardball politics people lose their jobs and occasionally someone loses his life. Wikipedia has the story of the investigative reporter Don Bolles.

My friend refuses to accept, until he sees it in writing, an idea known to every law student and lawyer I've spoken with and a few sociologists.

I call his condition terminal innocence.

I will ask him if he calls my condition terminal cynicism.

The idea he finds so difficult to accept?

That the first purpose of law is to protect those who make the law.

   Another possible reason why people believe in god is that Consciousness could be playing a much basic role is deciding the physical outcome,though suspicious yet very much possible.Maybe people call it by the code name 'god'.

Consciousness And Quantum Double Slit Experiment

Even though non-religion is on the rise in developed countries, eradicating religion I think is unlikely to happen. When examining the people that make up the "Nones" it was found that even when people no longer adhere to a particular religion they often don't identify as atheist since they may have spiritual/supernatural beliefs, possibly ones they've constructed on their own. I know some people like this personally and they have as many problems with organized religion as some atheists. 

It may be that it's part of human nature to believe in things regardless of whether they are true or not as long as it fits into a particular worldview and serves to bond a group. Even atheists can believe in claims with little or no evidence. Secularism may one day become dominant in the world, but there would be nothing to prevent it from shifting in the opposite direction since social and economic conditions won't remain the same.




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