Can atheist brothas be faulted for looking for love outside their race?

First off dont get me wrong, whoever one chooses to love is  certainly their business, and I have no problems with inter-racial couples. I myself have dated outside my race in the past, and would have no concerns about doing so again. However, truth be told I would love to find a sista, (woman of color-from wherever) who was atheist,or at the very least maybe spiritual but not religious. Talk about needle in the haystack! Maybe one that actually lives in my city, or state (we all cant relocate). Usually w/ sista's upon hearing my belifes, or lack thereof, 'the party's over". Which is not a bad thing I, since I certainly could not deal with the whole xtian mindset, customs yatta, yatta. I am not a god-fearing man and am very proud of it! At the same time there seem to be more white women for whom it is not a concern. So would I be settling? I mean, you fall in love with, who you fall in love with. Maybe I just feel my sista's eyes already rollin at me, just for the thought of it. But hey, a brotha cant wait "forever" for yall to come around.


Not patiently waiting.

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Cirkus where are you from? I'm 55 years old and have never met a black female that admits to being an atheist. I only know them from online forums. You sure have an enlightened family.

cirkus-frk, I have to say that black women like you are NOT plentiful.
I knocked on hundreds of doors during my Jehovah’s Witness cult days and on rare occasions an atheist/agnostic would open the door, but don’t recall ever meeting an atheist/agnostic woman behind those doors.

As hard as I tried to meet a black man when I was single, I kept hitting a brick wall because of my then agnosticism, or because I was too dark skinned and didn’t straighten my hair. However, it was so very easy for me to meet white men who were atheist/agnostic, thus my 1st husband was white, as is my current husband. Today I'd give almost anything to find a black atheist/agnostic woman in my area for friendship, and as outgoing as I am I’ve never met one in the U.S. Also, my son, who is black and atheist, really wanted to be in a relationship with a black freethinking women; he tried to find one for years before giving up. He ended up marrying a non-religious, open minded white women. So yeah, “we” are out there but there are so few of us.

I could never see myself in an intimate relationship with anyone who believed in god/gods.
Love is love and race should not matter. I won't fault you as long as you don't fault me for not discriminating when it comes to color. I have dated outside the race both theists and fellow nontheists and had a damn good time. So if it don't hurt you, it won't hurt me, lol!
What's the name of the Facebook group for single black atheists looking for a mate? I'd be happy to pass that info. around.
The only one I can find is:

Single Black Atheists Dating Pool!/group.php?gid=1...
Atheists populate some dating sites. OKCupid is a particular haven.

There's also Atheist Passions, which is also free.
lol. I always loved Oscar the grouch! Thanx for the tips.
You're welcome!
Hi. I would just like to say that I don't blame u for dating outside ur race. I have done it as well. It's just as hard to find black atheist men as women. Church is a huge problem in our community. That's putting it mildly. Anyway, I just wanted u to know that a sista exists who is not "God fearing" just like u. I'm also very proud of that fact. lol
Hey Jessica I know that you are joking but I see a bunch of black women using the phrase "God fearing" and it gives me the chills LOL!
Hey Jerome. I said I'm NOT God fearing. lol. I hate it when they say that. They claim it means respect. So why not say respect. Another thing I hate is when you ask "How are u? and they say that they are "FAVORED". What the hell is that supposed to mean? Just the latest catch phrase, I guess.




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