I say, why not? We could call it xmas. It could be a secular holiday for spending time with family and exchanging gifts.

The Christians stole the winter festival from the pegans. Now it's our turn to steal it back!

Further discussion: If you already celebrate the winter festival, what symbols/themes do you feel are apropreate for a secular xmas?

- Lights?
- A pine tree (the "Christmas tree")?
- Stars?
- Santa?
- Rudolf?
- Stockings?

Also, what Christmas movies would you watch during a secular xmas? The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites.

What other traditions do you have?

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Personally, the missus and I celebrate Yule, and we use no xtian symbols. The tree was not their idea, nor were many of the other things. Even the Finnish Santa was originally a goat
Funny thing about the whole "Put Christ back in Christmas" ideal. Christ has been missing from Christmas for an awful long time. It's interesting the way American commercialism has influanced the holiday. You could almost change the name to Capitalistmas.

Which I don't see as a bad thing, by the way. Our economy is run by consumers. That's why I think Christmas in America is so great. It supports our economy while promoting family, giving rather than recieving, and doing good deeds. Plus it's just plain fun. =)
Coin that!!! Capitalistmas Trees for everyone!
It's not fun for everyone. A lot of people get stressed/depressed around the holidays.

I like getting together with my family and looking at the pretty lights. I hate shopping (plus, I never know what to get). I hate the fact that the "Christmas season" gets longer and longer each year (stores usually have Christmas stuff out after Halloween now). I'm alright with the music for awhile, but it gets old hearing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" for the 80th time in a month. And is it just me or have Christmas decorations been getting more and more gaudy the last few years. Why the hell would you put a 30 foot inflatable snowman outside your house?

By the way, the Four Horsemen (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, and Dennett) admitted to celebrating the secular aspects of Christmas. Dennett said "I enjoy a good solstice as much as the next guy". :D

By the way, my favorite episode of South Park is the one in which Santa gets shot down over Iraq and the boys go get Jesus to help rescue him. Jesus starts shooting Iraqis with an assault rifle. They rescue Santa and as they are fleeing, Jesus is shot to death. They return home and Santa says "This day will no longer be remembered as the day that Santa brings presents to all the little boys and girls, but as the day that Jesus saved us." lol
I also hate the fact that the "Christmas season" gets longer and longer each year. I cannot stand the stupid music they play everywhere you go to get you in the "mood"...
We do go to yule/xmas gift exchanges but we buy gifts months ahead of time. As to the gift exchange between me and my house mates,that's done on Thanksgiving.
And no,it;s not just you. Xmas decorations been getting more and more gaudy the last few years...It looks soooo stupid to see an inflated snowman in a yard where there is absolutely no chance of snow occurring. Even with snow,a lot of those decorations are ugly.
"Be good for goodness sake."
Not related to religion, but your comment about the nativity reminded me of this

Thanks for posting this. That nativity scene was a riot!
I agree with you there. Even though my family isn't very religious, I'd be happy to partisipate in our rituals if we had any. Do you celebrate it with your own family, too? I mean if your parents didn't come down would you celebrate anyway?
Same here! I've even workerd in a couple of haunted houses. I highly recommend it if you're looking for seasonal work and like scaring people. =)
Sure, why not? Can you celebrate christmas as the birth of jesus chris your lord and savior? Uh, no. But screw that. Christmas rocks.
Xmas for our family is just about family/loved ones, giving and food. I see no reason not to enjoy the holiday.


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