I say, why not? We could call it xmas. It could be a secular holiday for spending time with family and exchanging gifts.

The Christians stole the winter festival from the pegans. Now it's our turn to steal it back!

Further discussion: If you already celebrate the winter festival, what symbols/themes do you feel are apropreate for a secular xmas?

- Lights?
- A pine tree (the "Christmas tree")?
- Stars?
- Santa?
- Rudolf?
- Stockings?

Also, what Christmas movies would you watch during a secular xmas? The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites.

What other traditions do you have?

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christmas, xmas, festivus, yule, generic winter festival.

It's all good.
I used to watch that movie a lot as a kid. The part where Linus (or is it Charlie?) goes up on stage and starts talking about Jesus always bored me though. I never thought that Christ's role in the holiday was very important. In fact I think it took me a while to understand what this mini Jesus speech had to do with Christmas at all; the most important part of the story, to me, was when the gang embraced Charlie Brown's whimpy little Christmas tree, dressed it up and made it look nice. That seemed the point of the story.

Anyway, I agree with you completely. I'm just curious as to what a person who wanted to have a truly secular Christmas would include in their traditions. =)
AMEN! lol!

Seriously though, corporate America kind of already stole Christmas from the Christians, so I feel like we're already celebrating a secular holiday in that sense. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite as well, and very secular ;o) A Christmas Story is also more about that kid's experience than Jesus... just a thought. All the commercial symbols seem appropriate, such as Santa, Rudolf, etc. Pretty much anything they allow in department stores is P.C. ;^)

We celebrate Krismas.
I like it! My husband and I got into a... erm, discussion about whether or not to celebrate Christmas. I just wanted to make it a couple of days later, so we could get cheap gifts and what-not, but this seems like a happy medium.
Fortunately, and contrary to the traditional pairing of conservitism and capitalism, the commercialism so inherent now in our biggest holidays has led to many of them not even nearly resembling what their religious origins have pnce implied. Christmas, Easter, St. Valentines Day, St Patricks Day...all of Christian origin, have only to do with presents, egg hunts, diamonds, and booze nowadays. I personally have no problem celebrating Xmas. I'm not going to church. I'm not celebrating the birth of a possibly non-existant possible saviour. I'm just spending time with family and enjoying a reciprocal giving (according to our own abilities) relationship on an annual basis.
I think atheists can celebrate christmas, hell the xtians hijacked the date, so why can't atheist hijack it and turn this tradition into a more meaningful one about family and friends?
If anyone SHOULDN'T be celebrating Christmas, it's the Christians themselves.
All the fun traditions that we observe during that time of year are of pagan origin.
Christ couldn't have possibly been born that time of year; some Pope about 300 a.d. hijacked the date and told everyone that they had to celebrate His birth instead.

Or if the link above doesn't work:


There is also a passage in the bible about not following pagan traditions:

I forgot to add that I'd like to make some kind of outdoor yule log that would appear to burn for twelve (?) days.
Yes. Provided you know the origins of the holiday not the crap the wall street crams down everyone's throat every year and not the stuff Christians try to make it out to be.
Even though I absolutely HATE the seasonal cheer of it, I do celebrate X-Mas. I spell it that way and say it that way no matter what, partially cause of that Futurama episode you got that picture from outlaw. THAT SANTA understands what I WANT to deck the halls with... *Sweating Bullets!*

MAIN REASON I TAKE PART IN X-MAS: Come on, who doesn't like free stuff? No matter what it maybe, I'm glad I got it. WHY? Because for me not rightfully choking people in their sleep, I think I deserve their thanks for sparing their pathetic pseudo-lives. Plus it's funny how a Atheist kid gets more presents on a Christian Holiday then a Christian kid who did NOT cuss out a Santa suit guy 3 days prior. Dead serious, that season brings out the worst in me and I don't even know why. I don't want to be that cold but I can't help it...

Symbols/Themes: Lights, Santa *revised history story, not the one we know as kids* and a pole with a huge red "X" at the top to stand for Xmas.

Xmas Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton, Silent Night - Deadly Night *bloody Holiday Horror anyone?*, South Park X-Mas Special, X-1999 *Anime has the letter X in it, good/violent too.* and National Lampoons X-Mas Vaction.
X-MAS MUSIC: Christmas Sucks by Tom Waits and Peter Murphy *notice how I said Christmas sucks and not X-Mas*, Mistress For X-Mas by AC/DC, Gun For X-Mas by The Bandits, Somebody Snitched On Me by ???, X-Mas At Ground Zero by Weird Al, Snow Hey-Ho by The Red Hot Chili Peppers *cocaine reference in reality, LOL*, Holy Shit, It's X-Mas by Red Peters.



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