Can Atheists feel comfortable in a Unitarian Universalist setting?

Have considered checking out a Unitarian Universalist "church", but since it's over an hour from where I live, I thought I'd send out some feelers and wondered if any atheists have felt comfortable in such a setting.  Seems to me they do a lot of talking about "spiritualism", and I get visions of wiccans or people who think that humans have a soul of some kind.  I'm definitely not interested in being further exposed to that sort of stuff. 


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I have never attended a UU church service.

Michael, your evidence is?

Physical avoidance is the third level of PTSD. As to Catholicism I know it well.

The two lesser levels are emotional avoidance and hyperalertness.

The most serious level include the various kinds of acting out, i.e., nightmares.

In my teens I had one nightmare associated with Catholicism.

I quit in 1957 and have since then physically avoided everything but a bit of non-religious UU-ism.

My evidence is similar to yours, Tom, except that I was not Catholic.

Holy crapolly!  Sounds more religious than the one in my town.

That does sound rather more religious than most Unitarians I've known. In the nineteenth century they were among the most liberal of religious organizations. There were a number of distinguished Unitarians in American history—John Hancock, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Parker, William Ellery Channing, and Ralph Waldo Emerson among them. Emerson gave a commencement  address at the Harvard Divinity School in 1832 in which he raised doubts about the divinity of Christ and was not invited back for thirty years.

If we measure these figures from our present latitude, they seem quite far away, but in their own time they were at the forefront of liberal thinking in religion.

Thomas, Cedarhurst UU would be FAR TOO XIAN for me

Worship(s)? That by itself would keep me away.

Tradition? Researching my German ancestors revealed a tradition of silence so the aristocrats wouldn't fear a peasant uprising. Divide and conquer still works.

Religious education? That's where serious damage is done to children.

Xian holidays? Yes, celebrate the damage.

- - - - - - - -

Social animals in my mind, as "creatures" smacks of creation by non-sexual means.

And social animals we are if other social animals haven't traumatized us.




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