If faith is belief without evidence (because if you had evidence it would be knowledge) and Jesus was walking around performing miracles right in front of you, would you be able to get into heaven?  I mean at that point it's not really a matter of faith, is it.  Guy who claims to be the son of God brings the dead back to life, turns water into wine, walks on water, feeds 5000 people with some bread and fish, and a whole plethera of other miraculous occurences.  How can you not believe, unless you are a total idiot right?  Also God cannot be just if this is the case because if the witnesses of these miracles gain access into heaven, and I am not granted this same courtesy, isn't my belief more valuable?  Shouldn't there be a better heaven for me because I just took the dude at his word, I didn't need magic stuff to "know" he was real.  I mean I felt his love, or my little brother got into a car accident and everyone said he shold have died but he didn't or an airplane crashed over Libya and the sole survivor is a ten year old....  Any thoughts?

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