Can Male Atheists Coming From Polygynous Religions Learn To Consider Women As Equals?

Can Male Atheists Coming From Polygynous Religions Learn To Consider Women As Equals?

According to the koran, men are allowed to have 4 wives and an unlimited numbers of concubines.    In many African and Arab countries, polygyny is legal.   This means, that a man from such a culture and religion logically never cheats, when he refuses exclusivity to only one woman.

Men growing up in a polygynous family experience in their childhood one powerful dominant father as their role model, and a least two, if not a multitude of repressed, subdued and devalued women sharing him.   A boy growing up in such a constellation learns as a child to consider women as not equal.

Is it possible, that when a man rejects the religion, he also rejects polygyny and learns to respect and consider women as equal and as entitled to be exclusive and monogamous partners?

I am aware, that there are muslim countries, where polygyny is illegal and where men are encouraged by the law to be monogamous.    My question does not concern this.
I am interested especially in what the own experience of polygyny does to the mind of a male child.

1. Question.   If you are male and you have grown up as a boy in a polygynous household, have you changed your perception and attitude towards women, when you became an atheist?

2. Question:  If you are female and you have grown up in a polygynous culture, have you ever known a man from your culture, who became not only an atheist, but also accepted and treated women as equals?

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