I was looking again at a NYTimes article about turning negative thinkers into positive ones.  I liked that the article not only described the benefits of positive emotions, and the hazards of negative emotions, but then discussed strategies to foster positive thinking.

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I know! You pick on me when you are grumpy. You always ask the right question and challenge me to think. 

Yes, I bought into that scam. I prayed and prayed and prayed; nothing improved until I decided to change what I was doing. 

How about you, did you buy into that scam?

Catholicism doesn't offer the scam and ask kids to buy into it.

The Church starts with kids who are not yet able to distinguish what they imagine from what they perceive. It then indoctrinates the kids and uses fear, guilt and shame to keep them from evaluating the doctrines.

An apt summation.

>Ok, I'm grumpy tonight.

Are we to imply from this that your being grumpy tonight is different from most nights? (Asking for a friend)


Sheshesheh! :-)

Bert, tell your friend that like Mark Twain I was happy for billions of years before I was born.

Had my parents asked, I would told them to find something else to do. :-)))

I don't think I was a positive thinker until I became atheist. As a negative thinker I left too many things to an invisible sky daddy rather than face them myself. Some do not think I'm a positive thinker even now. My reply is that I am a realist. I do not have invisible friends and make things up.

You do a great job of giving background material that helps to make sense of what is going on now. This crazy, tipsy-topsy world changes right before our eye. Much of what happens is beyond our control. Getting up in the morning can be hard, especially if we sit on the gloomy side of the teeter totter. 

I want to be realistic about what is happening and why, however, I want to spend the rest of my days happy, seeing flowers, birds, rabbits, even if they are eating plants that I put out there. The deer take a nice nibble out of trees and gardens, but I love them so much I am willing to plant for them. I haven't been out in the greenhouse since July 27 and Larry tells me it is a jungle again, even after my severe pruning of leaves from the tomato plants. The tomatoes he brings into the kitchen are delicious. Larry can't find the potatoes, so who knows what they will look like.

I don't know how old you are, Michael, but I do everything I can to find wonder around me. It is hard sometimes, especially as you recover from your lost marriage. Still, you survive and you have spirit. Join in finding the wonderful things around us. 

I don't know what happened to my reply. Maybe it is floating around in the ether and looking for a landing place. 

My replies:

1) don't make it to the page when I exit the page without clicking the "Add Reply" button, and

2) leave the page when I click the 'x' in the upper right corner and then consent.

"looking for a landing place."  Thanks for the laugh Joan.




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