Recently, I was denied membership in a Facebook group because I expressed the idea that people of color can be racist. Honestly, I thought everyone agreed with that. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that all people of color are racist. But I believe any person, regardless of skin color, can be racist. What do you think?

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Beautifully said, John.

I grew up in an affluent town in Massachusetts. No blacks, none. 

There was a program known as METCO in which blacks were "shipped" in.  This, in spite of actually coming in buses.  The black kids were treated as outsiders and in some cases outright racism was on display. It got so bad that there was a fight between the toughest white kid and toughest black kid. Hundreds of kids witnessed it and was i ever happy to find out the black kid destroyed the white. 

The things i saw and heard resulted in my not identifying with my peers-not fitting in and not wanting to. Those same kids also made me feel my jewish heritage. A healthy dollop of antisemitism. 

Later in life i have gotten an inside view from blacks just how a lifetime of  racism has changed their outlook. There is an awareness of different rules and differing treatment and it colors their lives not for the better. So moved was i by the stories of one woman i encouraged her to write. The discrimination she experienced in housing, in employment, in day to day life were she to communicate it might open eyes and create empathy and counter the idea of personal responsibility for one's welfare.  In particular there is a notion that is especially prevalent among right-wingers that all people in usa get a fair shot and it is concluded that blacks are lazy because they do not achieve economically  the way whites do.  Whites came as immigrants too and experienced racism it is said.  Exposing that lie would be a great aspect of a true exploration of what it is like to grow up black in usa. 

Glen--I'm having a bit of a hard time processing the fact that your attitude toward black people and your attitude toward native Americans are housed in the same person.

Bertold i was using sarcasm to illustrate the ugly racist. Profits in casino is legit...

Otherwise tongue in cheek.  

If there were a god I'd thank it. Your satire was way too convincing - I was thinking how can you really believe this crap? Poe's law strikes again. Sorry about that!

yes satire is the word i is it my mind bended..deadended...upended...resplendent descendant

I thought you were just drunk.  Or high.  Or both.

hope that thaar ism wont lead to schism cuz in that ism lies the prism in which race is viewed...

my brain is drunk without liquor...a mind high and still quicker ..

I was about 6 years old when a black woman came to the farm for something and brought her son with her. In those days it was said that "blacks know their place," but this woman and her family were known to all my folks. My family went along with visiting but no in home socializing like parties or anything.

Her son and I remain outside and and we look closely at each other. I told him he was black. He told me I was white. We looked at our different arms for a moment and then we smiled and started playing just like kids normally do.

It takes a racist to make you a racist.

In a similar fashion it is culturally acceptable to mock Christians in America but not Muslims. Muslims are perceived as a vulnerable minority here, therefore, it is not permissible to openly mock Islam. Bill Maher makes jokes about all of the Abrahamic religions. He has been banned from speaking at Berkley, though specifically for mocking Islam. It is for reasons like this that I have shifted form Liberal to Independent / Libertarian.

>In a similar fashion it is culturally acceptable to mock Christians in America but not Muslims. 

Culturally acceptable?? I'm not at all sure that's true. It depends completely on whom you're talking to. The notion of some sort of uniform cultural board of approval assumes facts not in evidence.

You changed your political views because Berkeley did something stupid?

I have no clue what the difference might be between a "liberal" and an "independent/libertarian" since they're all bullshit lablels, but I hope you have more fun.

I can get away with making fun of Christians. If I do the same with Islam then it might be labeled as a hate crime by the SPLC. Indeed the SPLC has placed former Muslims, that now speak out against Islam, on their hate criminal list. It is a double standard.  That is why I am disgusted with the hypersensitive, sociopolitically correct, modern Liberalist movement. It is called regresive liberalism.

You want facts:

Maajid Nawaz was placed on the SPLC list because he drew a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Apparently the SPLC doesn't believe in free speech. Nawaz is a former extremist that now speaks out against it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another target of the SPLC. She is an Ethiopian born atheist that speaks out against Islamic practices such as child marriage and genital mutilation, yet she has been labeled an anti islamic extremist. She denounces all religions. has a petition to get them removed from the list. These white men from Alabama think they have the right to judge such people who grew up in Islamic communities, then spoke out against it.


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