Recently, I was denied membership in a Facebook group because I expressed the idea that people of color can be racist. Honestly, I thought everyone agreed with that. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that all people of color are racist. But I believe any person, regardless of skin color, can be racist. What do you think?

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Also, I would say it is ignorance, more so than racism, that I oppose.

Not a problem

I thought Glen meant it too, until I checked. Glen, maybe we should add a </snark> tag to some comments.

Glen, That is absolutely absurd. The gaming industry hasn't worked out as well for Native Americans as they hoped. In reality, much of the money is kept by the white men who run the industry. Native Americans still suffer from high rates of poverty. The industry is sadly much closer to the white man screwing the Native Americans again than it is the Native Americans getting lifted out of poverty. 

By the way, I'm white. 

Whites own white casinos. In Connecticut there are two casinos owned and operated by the red man. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.  How much do they make?

Foxwoods Resort Casino's net revenues were $858.2 million in fiscal 2016, a year-over-year increase of 1.5 percent, according to the Mashantucket Pequot-owned enterprise's report, posted on the website of the Electronic Municipal Markets Access system.

Having been given the gift of culture we are repaid by the red man taking the honest white man's money. It is rather like religion, it is the promise of eternal salvation on the one hand, the promise of a life changing score on the other. Fraud,  baby!

Gambling is big business. I want these cash cow casinos taken away from the red man and given to honest hard working whites. We have taken everything else away from the savages so what harm is there in taking casinos?

This is getting foolish. Sometimes, you have to know when to quit. I'm quitting this part of the thread. The lack of sympathy and understanding is sad. 

Facts are stubborn. 

I give you the unadulterated truth and you flee. I have sympathy for whites who have given african americans and first americans so much. So so so much...

Facts are stubborn. 

I give you the unadulterated truth and you flee. I have sympathy for whites who have given african americans and first americans so much. So so so much...

Where is the gratitude? African americans have been given opportunities on sports teams in modern times and before that given the cultural imperative in christianity..

First americans have been given alcohol, the right to do their illicit mushrooms as an expression of their primitivism, disabused of their native animism through the miracle of jesus christ..etc...

How was the march in Charlotsville with your fellow " white nationalists " ?

How would i know?

Not my fellows...if they all died of a heart attack i would chuckle.

Bertold, i had to look up Poe...

In order to join the group, you have to complete a brief questionnaire. One of the questions is whether people of color can be racist. When I saw the question, I believed I knew the answer they wanted. I couldn't give that answer, because I believe anyone is capable of being racist. 

I understand and agree with the idea that white people, as a whole, have much more power in many instances. With that traditionally extra power comes the ability to act on any racist thoughts individuals may have. Obviously, there are tremendous examples of white people throughout history establishing systemic racism. Sadly, systemic racism is alive and kicking today. But I don't agree that people of color cannot be racist. If a black man refuses to hire white people because they are white, the black man is racist. Also, he is using his power as an employer to effectuate policies based on his racist beliefs. 


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