Recently, I was denied membership in a Facebook group because I expressed the idea that people of color can be racist. Honestly, I thought everyone agreed with that. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that all people of color are racist. But I believe any person, regardless of skin color, can be racist. What do you think?

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Sure, it is discrimination. And when race is the defining factor of exclusion u are justified in characterizing it as racism. And yet it is not the same as it is when it is oppressor v. oppressed. Think about the aftermath of any genocide. What if a jew refuses to hire a german in 1948? An Armenian refuses to hire a Turk in 1928? A Tutsi refuses to hire a Hutu right after their genocide...(even though they may be the same people.)  It is clearly not the same dynamic as German v Jew,  Turk v Armenian or Hutu v Tutsi. 

You see full-on racism is a byproduct of the exploitation of the subordinate "race" by the dominant one. Talk about the slings and arrows..those who are in the dominant tribe rarely have a full understanding or even a glimpse of just how bad it is...just how pervasive racism is...just how dehumanizing it is. Who among us under such circumstances will fail to harbor hatred against the oppressor? On the other hand if you are a member of the dominant group and you share the ideology of racism and act on it then fuck u and the horse ya rode in on...but leave the horse alone cuz horses iz ok 

By the way,, people of color.. is a ridiculous way to describe people. Do any people lack color? If blacks are colored are whites colorless?

It is as though white is the default.  The defectives have the scarlet letter skin and are colored to stand out as different. 

Yes, "people of color", or "colored people", is indeed ridiculous!  Also, I've never seen a white person or a black person.

I agree with you totally, Spud, but any person of any color can be a racist. Every day I meet people who are "racists unawares." They are too frigging dumb to know they are racist.

I agree.

I agree that the terminology is wrong, but it's what everyone uses. What would you suggest?

Jonathan, I, for one, was not trying to say you were wrong in your use of the terminology.  I would have to think about what I would suggest, but so far, Lilac's answer sounds good.

My grandma was an old lady, she emigrated to the US from Mexico. She was racist as fuck, she didn't even try to hide it.

Hope that answers your question.

There are people who twist and lie and engage in sophistry to come to the conclusion only white people can be racist. They have many other completely asinine ideas just like it. You're better off not joining their groups.

Anytime :)

Also racism is stupid. Race as far as I can tell doesn't exist to begin with. Humans are Humans. It's that simple.

It definitely should be that simple.

Thank you John :)

I have never been able to understand the problem people have grasping this concept. II grew up understanding this. I also understood it is pretty much the same with dog breeds. I have no idea how I learned this when almost everyone can't seem to figure this shit out but....

Guess I musta had a damn good science teacher early on that I don't remember very well, or maybe a book I read when I was very young that I have forgotten. But it was so painfully obvious to me I never understood how everyone has such a problem here.

However my parents never treated anyone any different based on race, ect... but somehow from between when they were in their 30's or so they've been brainwashed by their church. I've heard them say some shit I never imagined I'd hear them say. But it's not like I could ever stand up to them, not unless I want them to shoot me (which is something they've tried a few times before). Churches have been changing over the past 30 years. They've been changing in some very dangerous ways, from wanting to create a church run government to openly embracing of racism, anti science ideas ect. I"ve had the unfortunate privilege of seeing these changes first hand having hidden among them for so long.


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