Can rights to digital media be passed along to one's heirs?

With all of the money I have been spending on e-books and a bit on music and videos, over the years, I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything as to whether the rights to read, listen and view can be passed along to one's heirs?

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Sounds like a plan, You can still pre load stuff onto a device, and give them the device with all the books downloaded. However they would need access to your accounts to re download them should they delete the books or the device becomes unusable. In short, tangible books would just be better when dealing with leaving stuff behind for future generations. Either that or lots of google play gift cards at Christmas with book suggestions so they can get them for themselves ;)

In this case the cost of convenience (Meaning less weight to lug around and access to an entire library on a single device), comes at the expense of ownership.

Joan, I was glad to see your thoughts here. Before I started this thread I considered posting it to your Economics group instead, as what interests me here is not only the issue of my own personal disposal assets, but probably more important to me is to try to find some traction for discussion of how this issue affects the business and economics of copyrighted materials.

I will try to comment more at some future time.

 Reply by Joan Denoo yesterday

BenGee, I am grateful for the information and know exactly where I stand. I might as well buy the books and have something of value to hand to my kids.


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