Have there every been any studies on why people, who are very well educated, appear to be intelligent, seem to have common sense, still believe in a god? I can understand the people of the past who had no knowledge of pretty much anything believing in a god. That was their way of explaining what they did not understand. But discussing religion with family who can’t refute my logical arguments against religion, still have faith that there is a heavenly father looking out for them. They just believe. It literally gives me a head ache. I understand when you’re a child and have been told about god, you believe. But when you grow up and can reason for yourself, how can you still believe? Is it mass psychosis? Is it a chemical imbalance in the brain? Is it denial? I was raised catholic and understand the sense of comfort believing that there is a heavenly father watching over you. But there came a point in my life when I could think for myself and could see religion for what it was. But intelligent people still believe the bible literally. What is wrong with these people? They can’t explain it. The shame of it is they do not see and can not truly appreciate the actual beauty of the universe. The diversity of life and how it came to be. To me, I appreciate all these things and more since my eyes have been open.

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Here is an interesting video you might enjoy.

Great Video, Thanks
Try The God Gene by Dean Hamer. I have not read it, but it is on my list...
Here is a video you might enjoy!

Andy is awesome, isn't he?
Here is an excellent lecture by Sapolsky on the biology and neurology of religiosity:
It's over an hour, but well worth it. Look up some of his other lecture as well.
You are considering one aspect of the problem i.e Human Knowledge of today Vs Religious Beliefs. One should take in account many other factors too which are important in survival of religious thought in today's age.
* States sponsring religion in other states.
* States sponsring religion within the state.
* Intrests of clergey and other people attached with religion.
* Poverty(religious belief is false but only hope).
* Group feelings which enhance the impact.
* Lack of quality scientific knowledge.
and many more.........


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