The spams on here are so weird.  Who cares about "The extraordinary characteristics of Hongxing Mobile Crusher"?

No one is going to buy a Chinese gravel crusher on Nexus.  or an American gravel crusher.  Or any other.

What is the function of those spams?  Are the a trojan horse for something malevolent?  A joke? 

Or does someone just want to talk about their extraordinary gravel crusher?

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Nothing about the Chinese gravel crusher makes sense to me. Can't even imagine why they were posted. 

Well, Sentient, there sure is enough of this spam. From what I can figure the poster is from China. Maybe he doesn't understand the Nexus site, and maybe he sees the many supporting ads here and wants to put two cents in for his side, not knowing how to do an ad here. So far we are lucky. None of it involves antifreeze.

Yep. No antifreeze. I tried Chinese beer one time and was very glad it didn't have antifreeze.

Saw it.  Flagged it.  It POOFED.

I flagged it too...   We keep Br. Richard busy.

A gravel crusher is a good pet for an allergic person.

Yeah ... you could feed it Quarry:

Better tasting ... 'cuz it's MINED!

Or just walk it on a gravel road :)

All those minerals are good for you!

I didn't see the Chinese Gravel Crusher spam.  Weird & amusing.  Not that spam is funny.

Unless we count the ex-mormon, ex-Jehovah witness, ex-whatever woman that wanted to dominate the conversations, in the 2 years I've been on Atheist Nexus, I've not seen as much spam as in the last few weeks.  I wonder why that is.

I've noticed there have been a number of new members that wanted to talk about subjects that sounded suspiciously theist.  I wonder if any of them were.

I'm of two minds about theists infiltrating us.  First of all I think that it might be a good thing because if they're wasting there time here, it means they have less time to convert much easier targets.  But my second thought is that Atheist Nexus is a place we can relax and not have to be aggravated by theists.

Sorry if that's too far off the subject.

I've not seen as much spam as in the last few weeks.

The spammers I've flagged, all signed up on Aug. 8th, so they have the same origin.

I still can't figure out, why the weird spam?  With most of it, there is no way it could earn the spammer money.  Is there?  Maybe if there is a link an you go to the linked site, it has a counter that earns them money?

It's not like readers at Atheist Nexus would all be heading to the Gravel Crusher Import Store now that we've seen a review for the latest model, and buy one.

Or maybe, is a gravel crusher some sort of metaphor, for religious fanaticism, and we've all prejudged what was a brilliant take-down of the catholic church?  That would really rock!




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