Should any form of prayer be allowed at commission meetings?

Right now the yes's are at 71% and the no's are at 29%

The Atheist's of Florida (AoF) have been working hard to get the city councils to just have a simple moment of silence, but they have been fighting an uphill battle. The city councils are not giving the atheists who attend the meetings a chance to talk. Allowing only one person to represent the whole group. Then they turn around and let as many x-tians who oppose it the opportunity to speak up.

Here is a news article as well explaining what has been happening in Central, Florida.


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Its now at 69% For and 31% Against.. I wonder how many votes have been logged?
i just cast my vote. 69% yes, 30% no, hmmm.
I even sent PZ a email hoping he would pharyngulate it, but he didn't. PZ gets so damn many emails he probably did not even see it...

Thanks for trying, I think every bible thumper in Florida decided to vote for it.
Golly Killer, I had to look up that word! HEAVY!!
People should be allowed to pray, and people should be fully allowed to publicly mock and/or criticize the people praying at the same time. People should have the right to do silly things as long as others can make fun of them in the same forum.


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