Can you imagine this in the hands of theocracy?

Google / Alphabet wants all of your data about everything you do, everywhere you go, anything you think, everything you say. And they can sell or give their info to anyone. And as some say, any database is hackable.


Of course, so do Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. And, probably, Republicans, Democrats, Catholics, Evangelicals, and the governments of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Philippines, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Islamic State, Israel Julian Assamge / Wikileaks, and every hacker, everywhere.

I can't believe big corporate brother/sister/ain't/uncle/mom/dad/neighbor/cousin think that have the right to personal, private data. or that everyone is happily giving them those rights.

I know I seem paranoid, but how much of the course of recent history, going back say, 100 years, and how many places, have governments done their damndest to control, eliminate dissenters, minorities, and social and political undesirables.  How often, when a corporate baron has had absolute freedom to do whatever he wants, has he done exactly that?  How often do the faceless, unaccountable minions, upper and lower levels, of corporations, do whatever it takes to further their careers?

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>How often, when a corporate baron has had absolute freedom to do whatever he wants, has he done exactly that?  How often do the faceless, unaccountable minions, upper and lower levels, of corporations, do whatever it takes to further their careers?

In a word, always. The irony is that now with Google, Farcebook, et. al., the thought police don't even have to exert any effort. We do it for them.

Especially with "smart TVs", equipped with microphones and cameras to give you the convenience of voice command, face recognition, and gesture recognition -- and not so incidentally with abysmal "privacy" policies, whether honored or not. An open invitation to both government and corporate Big Brothers to bug your living room!

I'll take old-fashioned buttons on a remote control, thank you. And also on the TV itself, if I'm standing next to it.

(Reposting from Geek & Nerd Haven comments)

I'm terrified of my new TV: Why I’m scared to turn this thing on - and you’d be, too

(Daily Kos, reporting and commenting on a Salon article)

"You may not be watching, but the telescreen is listening....
The FBI will not have to bug your living room; you will do it yourself."

"Wall Street, not the government, is creating the surveillance state Orwell never dreamed of."

(image source)

Haven't had a tv for  35 years, but smartphones and computers are scary enough. There was a really creepy and prophetic short story written by George Alec Effinger about this back in the 80s, but unfortunately I can't remember the title or what book it was in.

Another scary aspect of this is theocrats are among those who have the financial wherewithal to avail themselves of such technology and abuse it to their hearts' content.

What bothers me most is that as consumers we have absolutely no way of opting out of this intrusive data collection without completely giving up our desire to use technology.  Sacrificing our personal information is the cost they demand and the price we pay to use these services.  Declining participation only results in being shunned from using technology.  For instance, downloaded apps demand access to photo galleries, contacts, linked accounts, browsing history, etc.  Nothing is "sacred" or off-limits, no matter how personal or inconsequential that information is to the function of the app. 

As Daniel pointed out somewhere recently, we users of Google, FB, et. al. aren't their clients, we're their product.

As "geek & poke" observed:

Two pigs: “Isn't it great? We have to pay nothing for the barn” “Yeah! And even the food is free” (Caption: Pigs talking about the “free” model)


Windows 10 is just as bad but there are ways to turn lots of it off. I have Windows 10 on 2 of my computers and the built in "spy apps" are turned off. The trick is for Windows to give you the basic program free, then make you want to buy the other apps that work nicely but increase spy ability. People end up enjoying giving away their innermost secrets for free.

And their fodder / comodity.

I've noticed that many companies and stores offer apps when you could just as well be using their websites!

They must have an agenda.  It could be more notifications, driving more traffic to them.  For the most part, I don't use them but I do have the Audible app for audio books, Overdrive app for public library audiobooks, Kindle, and The Recipe Box.  That recipe app will go away once I reconvert the ones I want to keep to 3X5 cards, which are actually easier to use, modify and locate.

Oh, I also have the Apple podcast app.

I remembered Amazon deleting Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 from devices of Kindle owners. It was a little more complicated than first reported, ioncluding the original downloads were not legal,  and reports wound up exagerated,  but it remains true that Amazon has the technological ability delete books from your device, or editing them and without warning when synched.  I don't think they do that, but they can.  They can also monitor what you read, and how often.  If you read on multiple devices, they can limit how many times you down load.  I had two books where they notified me that i reached my limit of, I think, 4 devices for those particular books.  Once I re-authorized some old devices that no longer exist, I was able to download again without problems.



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