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What I see is a Syrian gymnast who loves his sport (much as I did when I was his age) and is trying like all hell to have something NORMAL in a world which is anything but normal.  Actually more than that, he's trying to SHARE what he knows, which is pretty extraordinary, under those circumstances.  It's a safe bet that Assad doesn't give a rotten dump about people like him.  I'm glad he made it to Turkey, though, and I hope his treatment is successful.

actually it is more than that: 

  • he is a radical you can see it from his shaved mustache and beard a typical ISIS /Salafi dress code

  • the writings on the walls is also are radical Islamic slogans with threats to those who stray

  • and his father also look like a radical

  • and he is a redhead, for some reason they seem to attracted to radical Islam too

  • where are the women in the video

  • except for that old female hostage

  • you just watched  an ISIS whitewashing video

Lots of nice circumstantial evidence.  Let me know when he gives up his pommel horse for a Kalashnikov.

Sure, I lived in Syria and I can tell how radicals look like, this shaved mustache is number one, the radical slogans in Arabic and the disappearance of women is number 3. the goal of the film is to show you that ISIS members are humans too, and it seems to work since everyone is sympathising with them 

 Thank you for that. I am too ignorant on the subject to comment. I am glad you do undersatnd and that you have pointed it out. I wish I had to background to understand more.

you are welcome, :) I learned that while living in Syria because I was an atheist and still but the shaved mustache and untamed beard is a de facto ISIS or any other  Salafi groups

official dress code*

Perhaps you can offer your services to the intelligence agency in your adopted country.  No more canned fava beans or cheap cigarette highjacking coffee machines.  The road to perdition is paved in fruit cake and salamander feces. And as bad as it appears it is soft and gooey in the middle.  And that reminds me how much i miss a nice chop suey. Why in the world have Chinese restaurants removed chop suey from their menu?

Even though i gave up meat for the sake of cruelty i can still taste that chicken with those crunchy veggies and that neutral but somehow satisfying sauce.  But that reminds me how the Chinese restaurants would ruin nicely prepared dishes with entirely too much sauce...i called it goop..and when the dish was placed on the table i could be heard all of the way in the capital crying the blues up and down because of the prodigious piles of goop....FUCKING GOOP!

I am so serious about this Katze. We have to initiate a campaign for the return of chop suey and the elimination of goop. 

Are you with me?

they know who the radicals are and they Give them Asylum before those who are persecuted like Christian minorities and atheists

Debunking corporate media Propaganda

If you are to infiltrate the circle you need a code name.  

I am thinking Chop Suey Louie.  What do you think.  Just do not get captured. You would become chop suey in their unkind hands!

I'll call my self Junior the Big :D




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