can you spot all the dangerous religiosity in Rick Perry's response to Obama today?

sweet jesus!  my favorite is where he calls laws a "redoubt of secularism".  who needs government to "make laws" when we can just pray for God's help?  God help us from Rick Perry.

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Lord, save me from your followers!

I think by "redoubt of secularism" he is saying we hide behind our momma.

I'll tell you what Mr. Perry, you and your friends go to church and pray. We'll stay out here and try to come up with a solution. Since we're all getting killed out here for your fetish we can't guarantee you'l like what we come up with. Too bad you don't have any ideas yourself. Putting security in every school/shopping center/theater/etc. is not a solution.  

I get so upset whenever the discussion of gun control comes up. We're just flat out screwed no matter what we do. I don't believe the new laws are going to put much of a dent in gun violence. I also don't believe the NRA or it's rabid supporter's have any interest in doing anything that makes it harder to get their hands on guns. We're locked in by the constitution and we can't find a way out. In my mind I have a cartoon of a potential suicide holding a gun to his head, telling the police to back off or he'll shoot. That's how I feel as a country. Just how many ways are there that we have to grow up?

Even better - two guys, each holding a gun to the others head. Each is demanding the other drop their gun while claiming they're are only trying to protect themselves.




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