Cancer - God testing one's faith...steam coming out of my ears

Arg, uga uha umph (cyber sounds of my frustraton).


Yesterday while drivng I was listening to to a talk show host who I occasionally listen to because I agree with many of his views regarding American economics.


I have never heard him bring religion into anything except I did once see a fundamentalist Christitan give him a (like) sign on my Facebook. Knowing this fundamentalist Christian person pretty well I new this was an indication that this talk show host must have some strong religious affiliation.


Soooo anyway, he was doing a charity event for children with cancer at a local children's hospital (which is WONDERUFL OF COURSE!) He was interviewing the children and I was impressed with the way he related to them and the way he got them to respond so wonderfully to him.


And THEN (uga uga mimeep zorp) he started talking about how that's got to be one of the worse things in the world (your child getting cancer) and he said that's how God chooses to test our faith sometimes. I assume he did not say this in front of the children.




My head exploded, it just exploded all over the car. I have to go and clean it up now.

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Excellent points, Angela. I've never understood the point of prayer, aside from its placebo value. It's completely illogical. Not to mention fantastically arrogant that any god would care what a mere mortal has to say. "Oh, so you're presuming to give an omniscient being a little advice from your perspective, are you? How quaint."
The reason I brought this thread back to life is because I found out today that the talk show host I am talking about has all but officially announced 2012 presidential bid!

I want to cut and paste a part of an on-line article about this and the link. Is it okay that I do that? Am I breaking any rules? Do I need to be cautious about anything since in my original post talked about something I heard him say on his radio talk show. Do I need to cover my ass at all?

Thanks in advance for any response.
As long as you quote only a small section, your excerpt should fall within the fair use copyright rules. If you're concerned, you could simply link to the source. If you're worried about defamation, the fact that the talk show host is a public figure should protect you (and A|N). It's perfectly OK to express an unflattering opinion about a public figure.
Thanks Jason.

Below is link to full article:

Tea Party favorite and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain has all but announced an official 2012 presidential bid – he’s told several news media he’s seriously considering it but has not yet made it official. Many Tea Partiers know his back-story of having survived cancer after having led a successful corporate life. He also hosts a radio show in Georgia and though he has never held political office, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Senate in Georgia in 2004.

Okay, so this is the guy that said that God can use cancer to test one's faith but the thing that really blew my mind was he said it on a show that was broadcast to help raise funds for a charity to help children with cancer.
OK, that is super loony. First because this guy has zero name recognition and will fold in the primaries. Second because he should be thanking science, not God.
Maybe if people would stop believing in god, god wouldn't have anything to test and these kids wouldn't have cancer.




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