Cancer like diabetes, hearth disease, asthma, and others is an enviromental condition rather than an viral, bacterial, or fungal disease.


Scurvy was the wrath of long distance travellers until they realized that citric fruits lasted long enough to provide them with the necessary vitamin C during their travels.

Goiter was the wrath of people far away from the sea and salt mines until it was found that sodium is an essential mineral in the human diet.

What is the key ingredient to cancer? What are we missing, or what do we have in our environment that we should not?

Please share your thoughts.

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booklover, diabetes has so many unknowns, and type I in young children requires great discipline, not only for the child but for loved ones. I do hope a cure come soon. Funding for this kind of research could speed up better treatment and/or cure. You do a good job of helping inform the public. 

Well it seems that the largest reason cancer is such an issue these days is our expanded lifespans. We're living longer than ever, we've eliminated many other causes of mortality in the first world, and so cancer is a larger issue because we're not dying in childbirth or getting run over by a wheat thresher.

However, I think that the healthier the diet and the less exposure to pollutants and known carcinogens, the better you can arm yourself against cancer in general. Unfortunately that will not always work, that's merely a general promotion of health... which helps to arm us against many diseases and conditions.

Essentially I feel that if you exercise regularly, and your diet includes lots of greens and other disgusting crap, you can at least have a body that is functioning more or less at its peak and is therefore well-armed. But you may still get cancer. Because there is no God.

Are you saying that only people, or mostly people, who outlive their expected lifespan develop cancer?


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