I've gone through the FAQ and did a bit of digging here, but can't find answers. I'm unable to either change the appearance of my page, use Quick Add, make replies or join groups. I'm suspecting it's some setting on my computer, or something in our network's security, but I'd love to avoid asking my 17 year old son for help and getting the eye-roll. Usually have no problem at all with these sort of sites, but I'm stumped here. any help would be appreciated; thanks in advance.

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This site makes use of very delicate script which can fail if you are using a proxy or a certain type of FireFox plugin. It sounds like that may be your problem.
To Tom:

Thanks. Yes, I am using Firefox, and I have Adblocker, among other plug-ins. I will try to access the site from another browser. Thank you for the help.
Update: Chrome seems to be working fine. Problem solved, I think.
Thanks for asking this. I'm having the same problems, so I will try switching to Chrome too.
How do you join groups.  This doesn't seem to be in the FAQ.


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