I was teaching a piano lesson to a 19 year old female student.  She's jewish and from what I've gathered they are rather strict.  Today she asked if I could write up a couple of songs that she was very interested in learning how to play.  I told her that I'm not the writer, but my husband (also a music teacher) could do it since he has an ear for transcription and composition.  She told me that one of the songs she has a recording for but the other she would have to sing, but since she is jewish she cannot sing in front of a man so she wouldn't be able to sing it for my husband.




I did a little research on this and I guess that extremely orthodox jews do not allow women to sing in front of a man because her voice would cause the man to have a relationship with her. 


It's very difficult for me to bite my tongue, but I did.  She's my piano student, so it is none of my business.  But at the same time, this is a full grown adult woman.  It's not like she's a child (even though gramma is footing the bill for her music lessons).  Do I say something, and if I did what would I say?  I'm just so baffled by the statement she made, especially since prior to her having piano lessons she had been taking voice lessons from a very prestigious school nearby.

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Offer to record her singing and give the copy to him? It's not the same if she's not singing in front of him. Also, ask her why she thinks your husband would want to have an affair with such a young woman. .___.


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