Economics do two things impossibly well:
1. Fuels every good and bad thing that happens politically in the world.
2. Confuses the hell out of me.

It seems to me that money spawns at least as much evil as organized religions and this seems to be more true in the USA (probably because I live here and only found out about "strange lands beyond the borders recently).
My question to all of you is this:
Is there a legitimate better system than capitalism that America could adopt to ease the pressure of this problem?

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when the wars on drugs, satan, jesus, allah, guns, freedom, public schools, wifi and all the other terrors; oh, last but not least the cultural wars on intellectual women is done with...
only then will capitalism run properly; incl. regulation! confusing right?

but since some profit off those wars mentioned above, you'll see maladjusted wars continue
and capitalism being abused
Adam Smith's squeaky clean capitalism could never lead to larger companies swallowing smaller companies. It could never lead to dishonest marketing, It could never lead to making healthcare a commodity to be profited from. It could never lead to the chase for profit, since the pursuit of profit leads to nasty side effects, and Adam Smith would never be associated with any nastiness. He is an economic God. We are not worthy.
I can't help but wondering which planet he came from.

A far, far away world called XVIIIth century Earth. Proxima Century, er, Centauri seems much closer to us.
True story Larry, and I don't disagree. I do think that the document appears to be an idealization of capitalism and a lovely one at that. It's not so unusual for a system to present itself as airtight and fool proof, but of course none of them are. Besides it's a pretty good starting point for someone like me, who doesn't really get it. It gives you notes for the sake of pete!




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