Economics do two things impossibly well:
1. Fuels every good and bad thing that happens politically in the world.
2. Confuses the hell out of me.

It seems to me that money spawns at least as much evil as organized religions and this seems to be more true in the USA (probably because I live here and only found out about "strange lands beyond the borders recently).
My question to all of you is this:
Is there a legitimate better system than capitalism that America could adopt to ease the pressure of this problem?

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Zeitgeist Addendum, Anyone? To me that movie provided an excellent description of what is wrong with our monetary system. It's all just a big pyramid scheme.
Oh no, not you too.

Zeitgeist is just a mash of facts with the barest context. Lest we forget that it also supports the 9/11 conspiracies, a Pearl Harbor conspiracy, and the severely flawed hypothesis that the US government will thwart both the trade unionists and racists by fusing with Mexico.

Anything gleaned exclusively from Zeitgeist should be considered with at least a pound of salt.
Thanks for the heads up Louis, I about moved it to the top of my Netflix list. *whew*
Well in all fairness it's number 3 so I should have it in a week or so.
You can watch the 9/11 part here

A crook telling me 2+2=4 is not negated because 2+2=4 can stand on its own. Conversely, someone I love telling me that 2+2=5 is not true because 2+2=5 fails of its own merits.

The whole bullshit conspiracy about 'controlled demolition' of the Twin Towers AND the mutually exclusive conspiracy of knowing in advance of the attack and willfully allowing it to happen AND knowing it was happening and actively preventing intervention as expressed in it's data-mash way. Take a look for yourself and decide if the rest is worth watching. It's all presented in the same way: 1) bombard you with media quotes without context, 2) bombard you with extremely limited excerpts with little context, 3) bombard you with images and video related to either. No, there is no analysis, there is no logic, there is no reason, there is no argument presented, just a series of data without reason.

Even the one part that I thought I would like (about how Jesus is a lie) wasn't even presented in a convincing way, mind you I was already severely biased towards agreeing with it.

I really don't have the time or care enough to pick through that pool of barely organized thoughts to find the other ones.

Davey, if you really want to know about the evolution of money, read Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations Book I Ch 4 On the Origin and Use of Money. Unlike Zeitgeist, it explains things. It's a great place to start. For an opposing argument read Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx Part I Ch 2 Money. They're both very well argued and framed. If something is worth learning, it's worth reading.

Trust me, you'll get more in an hour of reading either one than you will if you watch all of Zeitgeist.
Don't worry about me, I watch a ton a garbage including religious movies. I'm such a skeptic I could almost be considered a nihilist. I won't buy into anything until I can prove it to myself and I'm still working on gravity (joke).
Better buy a helmet for when forehead meets wall.
I pad my walls. ;)
Oh god, I'm not gonna watch that crap again.

Thanks for finding it though... I guess... :P
Good grief, I didn't recommend "Zeitgeist" I recommended "Zeitgeist Addendum". I am not a 9/11 'truther'. We're talking about economics and specifically capitalism here.

However, if you take the time to watch the sequel, which focuses on the mechanics of the monetary system and how it guarantees debt, and how this shapes everything from war to crime to pollution.

The chase for "profit" is an incomprehensible evil.
Thanks VendettA12, I got it added to the que. I shall watch both and see if my brains slide out the side of my head. ;)
Save your money and watch it on youtube. Then use that money you saved to buy a book on Economics.

You can probably find a copy of Wealth of Nations pretty inexpensively now. At least then you'll understand what Capitalism is as opposed to what everyone just calls capitalism.




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