Captain Tyson and His Long-Distance Laser Planet Zapper-Destroyer

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"The truth group for objectivity in origins science?!?"

Good Night, Irene!  That little bit of whatever should be causing eye-rolls and face-palms across the known universe!  Yet again, we have believers living in their little boxes of faith, insisting that science MUST be wrong because it contradicts their magic book.  At the same time, they drive in their cars, cook food in their microwaves, enjoy longer and healthier lives from medical advances, and in general, live lives which are vastly preferable to those which they might have lived without the benefit of the multiple discoveries of science.

These people want to enjoy the products of science while not acknowledging that they exist, so that they can continue to live in their little bible-bubbles.


The truth group for objectivity in origins science. 

That makes as much sense as the Steven Wright comment, "I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize." Just once, I really wish a doctor would ask if the patient is a young earth creationist. If so, "Well, I can tear up that prescription for antibiotics. In your case, we'll go with the leaches to release the bad humors."

Pat, you knock me out.  I am laughing out loud. 




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