Cardinal Dolan leads effort to take $$ billions more from our democracy

dollan%20steals%20more-1.zipTimothy Dolan is leading a fierce effort to expand the religious/charter program to the pre-kindergarten in NY at the taxpayers expense. This will cost us $$billions and further weaken public education, the nemesis of religion, in that state. See the attached piece by Ken Bronstein of NYC atheists.

Currently the religious are exempt from virtually all taxes in our country: Marie Castle writes in "Culture Wars," p. 147

“Religious organizations pay no state or federal income taxes, no taxes on investments, stocks, mutual funds and bonds, no capital gains taxes on the sale of property, and no property taxes to cover the cost of fire and police protection, libraries  and schools. Religious organizations don't even have to verify to the IRS the donations taxpayers claim on their income tax forms. ...Related business, such as religious bookstores, biblical and creation theme parks, schools, hospitals, fitness centers, recreational facilities and campgrounds are tax exempt.    They receive these exemptions simply because they're religious. There is no secular justification for these exemptions, and they compromise the economic well being of everyone else."

Extension of the charter program to pre-kindergarten will be disastrous to public education as it will further reduce the already inadequate support of education.

Religion is thus robbing our democracy blind and not paying a red cent toward its upkeep.


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This issue could have legs for the general public.




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