Careful. Some priests (that don't become married pastors) do this.. suicide by hired hitman. S.America

Pray for me'

Father Richard Piffano, 37, and Father Rafael Reatiga, 35, were found shot dead in a car in southern Bogota in January 2011.

Prosecutors allege they paid the suspected hitmen around $8,500 (£5,440) to kill them and make it look like a robbery attempt.

The two priests had been friends since their training and often celebrated Mass and other religious services together, Colombia's El Tiempo newspaper reported.

In his final church service, Father Reatiga asked parishioners to pray to Santa Marta, the patron saint of lost causes, the paper reported, while Father Piffano asked his to "pray for me".

Suicide - like homosexual acts - is forbidden in the Catholic Church.

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Interesting workaround ... except that once the facts of the case are revealed, wouldn't the RC church have to deduce that this was effectively a case of suicide by proxy? Unusual, maybe, but it amounts to the same thing.

The fact is that what really SHOULD be happening is that once such behavior is exposed, the civil authorities should enforce civil law. Ideally, both these priests should have been arrested and faced the criminal penalties for the crimes they committed.

Being A Member of the Priesthood IS NO EXCUSE For Being Subject To The Law!!!

ohhhh kaaaeee whatever dude; seems like I hit a soft spot w/u?

I'm just tired of watching priests skate on this whole child abuse business. That they go to such lengths not just to avoid arrest and trial but indulge in what amounts to a variation of SBC (Suicide By Cop) only tells me their desperation is truly reaching critical mass.

It's good to see the BBC covering this stuff, though somehow I doubt it was on their home page (though admittedly, there's no telling). What would REALLY interest me would be ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN at least making it note of it for US audiences. Per usual, I'm not holding my breath.

it's on their RSS feed that is auto bookmark in firefox for mac os x at least...
"desperation is truly reaching critical mass." indeed
faith being the first desperation of folks that gave up on understanding/environmental factors/family/biologics/guts of the matters like psyche the whole nine this modern day and age; unfortunately for so many; the impatient con-men have their way(s)...
enter occupy movements.




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