i like the older cartoons like scooby doo the smurfs stuff like that but the new stuff is pretty good to. tell me your favorite cartoons and if you like the oldies the new or both

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Favorites of all time...

Dungeons and Dragons (its cheesetastic)
Venture Brothers
Frisky Dingo
Batman TAS (the original)
G-Force/Battle of the planets (both the crappy English dub and the original undubed)
King of the Hill
Robot Chicken
Samurai Jack
Dexters Laboratory
Wonder Shozen
Muppets (any and all practically)
(I know the last two are not animated but I feel they fit the idea)

Hell this list could go on forever, I am a animation addict. I probably have close to the range of thousand hours of Animated series and movies on DVDs/VHS/Digital AVI's.
Anything with Mel Blanc providing the voices.
I Love Mel Blanc!! Looney Tunes in its essence!

Voice acting is so under appreciated nowadays. I mean if do you really need a cast of familiar actors, when guys like Billy West can do a whole cast?

I can't watch a dubbed anime. The voice acting sounds so awkward at times!
I prefer anime, and a few favorites would be FLCL and Bleach. I also really like Family Guy and Simpsons. South Park is also hilarious for obvious reasons.
The Satire/Social Commentary cartoons are very funny. :D

I have been a fan of the Simpsons forever it seems these days. South Park just never lets me down, in terms of bringing it every week. Family Guy is my Favorite right now though... I love the fact that they just don't care about the 4th wall.
I've been into cartoons since I was a young girl

Among my favorites:
Ren & Stimpy
Rocko's Modern Life
The Simpsons
Disney movies until the 90s
Muppet Babies
She-Ra (she was my fave when I was a kid, I still collect her memorabilia!)

Deathnote (LOVE deathnote!)
Ranma 1/2
Ghost in the Shell

Although lately I've been gravitating to manga over anime

my all time favorite cartoon:
Period! Love the series, it had a beginning, middle, and end. No cheesy lame spinoffs (college years, etc)! The perfect series!
I felt like she was me! Although I can't hold a candle to Daria in dry wit!!
I don't know what mine has been. The Fusco Brothers was once a favorite of mine because while it would be pretty dry much of the time, but there are occasions that something really hilarious would come up. The Piranha club occasionally has something good.
nice ive seen almost all of those a few i have not but im planning on watching something from everything
Doug had the best theme song ever. Its still in my head to this day.
I LOVE that show
Ducktales whoo oo!




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