Anyone in or near Castro Valley, California? Some days I swear it feels like the most religious town in the Bay Area.

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Have you tried asking in the California Atheists group?
Hey there- I'm here in Castro valley too, and I know what you mean... Christians, drunken sports fans & meth-head bikers... What is an artist/free thinker like myself to do? I know, I know - MOVE. (I'm here under protest)
Anyway, just wanted to say hi! I invited you to be my friend.
I'm with you two on that - I live there, too. Actually, I just sleep there :) I live in Berkeley and San Francisco!
Yup- Berkeley & SF... Me too!
I lived right on Telegraph in a huge Victorian for many years,
doing my wicked, heathen sculptures.


I got frends and aquaintences in is a cespool of ignorence and intolerance.

situation normal when you got 3 big crosses looming at you as soon as you get off the freeway.

other than that though.........its a nice little town. Alameda is a little more lib but still, we will always it seems face an uphill battle in society.

keep your dark glasses on and dont panic.




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